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Most Luxurious Christmas Gift Guide 2022

by Christina Blaney

Christmas is about treating those you love to a gift they will absolutely adore and here at Bespoke Black Book we love nothing more than a bit of luxury under our Christmas tree. If you want to get something truly special for your loved ones this year then have a look at this selection of my top five luxurious gifts this Christmas.

For someone who has absolutely everything there is no better gift than an experience from Red Letter Days. With everything from wine tasting, supercar racing, spa days and short breaks there really is something to suit every taste. What’s better is you can search for experiences in and around your local area, with some experiences tailored to local regions. I was lucky enough to receive a dinner for two and bottle of prosecco at the prestigious Hotel Gotham in Manchester. The voucher for your experiences comes in a lovely red envelope in the post and builds the excitement as you open your beautifully presented gift experience. All you have to do then is go online and enter your details and the system lets you know how to contact the venue whether it be online or telephone. My experience at Honey Restaurant at Hotel Gotham was simply unforgettable. The welcoming staff and wonderful service was only outdone by the fabulous 5 course tasting menu which was sublime. The lamb in particular was a resounding favourite and the restaurant were even kind enough to give us an extra dessert as we celebrated another successful year as women in business, it’s the small things that make an experience that bit more memorable and luxurious.

red letter days Xmas
Honey restaurant at Hotel Gotham Red Letter Days (4)
Honey restaurant at Hotel Gotham Red Letter Days (3)
Honey restaurant at Hotel Gotham Red Letter Days (2)
Honey restaurant at Hotel Gotham Red Letter Days (1)


A gift that is perfect for absolutely anyone is a hi-tech electric toothbrush from Oclean. I tried out the Oclean X Pro Elite, a rechargeable electric toothbrush that offers a variety of cleaning modes which connects to an app on your mobile phone to enable custom cleaning and provide brushing performance feedback. Sounds awfully advanced for a toothbrush doesn’t it? But when we have apps for measuring steps, weight, blood oxygen levels and a whole array of things to do with our health, why would our oral health not be prioritised? As someone who paid for braces as a 28 year old I try to take great care of my teeth so this toothbrush has been so helpful for me not only for the reassurance that I’m properly caring for my oral hygiene but also because the brushing experience is a lot more comfortable thanks to the sensitive setting. When you install the Oclean app it guides you through setting up your perfect settings and asks you questions as to what kind of food and drinks you consume, if you have sensitive teeth and whether you have any pre-existing conditions. Once it has collected all your information it automatically chooses a speed and sensitivity level to give you the perfect teeth clean. Its beautifully sleek design looks very chic in the bathroom as it comes with a handy wall mount so you can store it easily and its matte texture makes it easy to hold and acts as a wonderful grip whilst brushing your teeth. Even without the app the OLED screen on the unit allows precise control of the features and provides feedback on the brushing experience and at the very basic level it turns off after 2 minutes so you know how long to brush for. I never thought I’d write so much about a toothbrush but it really is worth the hype!

Oclean toothbrush3
Oclean toothbrush2
Oclean toothbrush1

Another gift that’s perfect for any gender (but specifically coffee lovers!) is an espresso machine from Sage. We were thrilled to receive the Barista Express Impress in a beautiful brushed stainless steel colour. The machine allows you to create third wave speciality coffee at home from bean to espresso in less than a minute. With Sage’s innovative Impress™ Puck System you can achieve the perfect dose of ground beans and a precise tamp while reducing the grinds on the machine and bench top, meaning less waste and less mess (because who needs to be cleaning first thing in the morning!). Sage’s espresso machines incorporate the 4 keys formula used by professional coffee machines: the right dose of freshly ground beans, precise temperature control, optimal water pressure and the creation of true microfoam milk essential for latte art. The machine has ingenious little touches such as the dose of coffee grounds is automatically calculated based on the last grind, ensuring it’s ready for the next use. Full bodied coffee with rich and complex flavours is created using the ideal dose of 18g of freshly ground beans delivered by a professional style 54mm stainless steel portafilter and the Thermocoil heating system with PID temperature control delivers water at exactly 93ºC for perfectly balanced flavours. You also receive all you need to be able to clean and maintain your machine properly, a sign that the brand cares about the customer and the longevity of your product. Now of course the first thing you should know about us here at BBB is that our cocktail of choice is the Espresso Martini, made with dark rum, not vodka (trust us, try it!) so of course that was the first thing that was produced with the help of the machine. Needless to say it produces coffee faster than you can say “Oh go on then, as it’s Christmas!” that is perfectly measured, the ideal temperature and makes the absolute most of the flavour of your chosen coffee bean.

Sage Espresso Machine 3
Sage Espresso Machine 2

One thing I want in life (not just for Christmas!) is a hair removal technique that actually works and is pain free. It would also be nice to be able to do it in the privacy of my own home as there’s nothing more embarrassing than getting your legs out with 3 months of hair growth for a complete stranger! I was sent the revolutionary Sensica Sensilight PRO from the experts in beauty devices, Current Body. Sensilight PRO is customisable with the choice between selecting your own energy level or choosing the skin tone detection option, where the device determines which level is best and most safe, for your skin tone. As someone who has had laser hair removal before I knew I was a good candidate for this kind of treatment. The Sensilight PRO is suitable for use on all skin tones except the very darkest and all hair colour apart from light blonde, red and grey, it is well worth checking on their website before you purchase. When these home devices were first introduced most people were put off by how long the process took but the Sensilight Pro’s new gliding mode enables you to treat larger areas, such as the legs, with ease and in less time whilst an additional 2cm attachment head allows you to target smaller areas, such as the face, precisely and gently. To get started, simply remove the hair in the treatment area by shaving, select your energy level or allow the device to do so for you and begin your hair removal treatment. It really is that easy! There is no pain, no sticky residue and no one making small talk whilst in between your legs. Results will take up to 4 weeks to show so this is a long process, however the promise of a hair free summer is well worth the wait!

Sensica Sensilight Pro IPL Hair Removal Device 2
Sensica Sensilight Pro IPL Hair Removal Device 3
Sensica Sensilight Pro IPL Hair Removal Device 1

Finally if there is a beautiful woman in your life then I can guarantee that she’ll be happy with my next choice from Beautifect. Whether I’m at home or travelling, getting the right lighting for doing my makeup is a constant struggle, getting the right balance between a bright light to see what you’re doing and a natural light to see if you look like an orange clown is essential. Beautifect have expertly engineered a powerful and advanced luminous system, perfectly replicating daylight and evening light whilst eliminating shadow by evenly dispersing light over the entire face. This isn’t just a light, or a mirror with a light incorporated into it. This technology is all found within a beautifully chic makeup case that you can easily carry anywhere. Specially designed with deep and generous compartments, it provides enough space for all your daily makeup, allowing you to intuitively find what you need effortlessly. Fold out flaps separate your pencils and brushes, whilst also securing your makeup for when you travel or just for keeping everything organised whilst at home. The mirror and inbuilt lighting system has 5 lighting environments for evening light, office light, photo light, daylight and bright sun so that you can apply your makeup for whatever lighting situation you are going into. Genius! The case is USB charged and can last up to a month and it also comes with a magnification mirror for those up close details such as eyeshadow and lashes. The case’s specially engineered hinge is designed to angle and hold the mirror to any position that best suits you, allowing you to sit comfortably at all times. The case comes in black, white, gold and nude and would make the perfect gift for any makeup obsessed person in your life.

Beautifect makeup box 3
Beautifect makeup box 2
Beautifect makeup box 1

These are but a few of the wonderful products the BBB team have tried and tested for our gift guides this year but if you want to give someone something truly luxurious, you only have to take your pick of one of these wonderful gifts this Christmas!


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