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Necklaces by Jolita


My vision when I saw this range was to add to my plunge neck LBD and nothing else, as it wouldn’t be needed. I would match this with ankle grazing denims a plain V-neck t-shirt for that coffee with the girls. In the office, I would button up my white crisp shirt and use this as a collar enhancer.

It works for everything.

I’m talking about the utterly stunning necklaces from Jolita Jewelry. This is the creation and dream of a bracelet by Algis Abromatis. He felt he needed to make something, create something and after going to a bead shop on London, Beak street, with a friend it all started. It all turned into a passion and engouraged by his sister Jolita, the amazing brand with the same name was born in 2008. He is inspired by history, museums and mythology and having this in mind when looking at these amazing creations it just gives so much more depth. You’ll see details like flowers, bugs, skulls, teeth and Memento Mori jewelry where human hair is braided together.

All of the pieces are hand made in Algis studio in London, everything from the dying silk, painting the rhinestones to perfection and then proceed to put it all together and create these amazing pieces and so unique pieces.

A nice touch as well is that you’ll never find two pieces looking the same, they’re all unique. They offer more than just necklaces such as Bracelets, Braided cuffs, corsages, earrings and much more. Jolita also offers bespoke service to truly make it your own or to create a perfect gift for someone.

Jolita can be found online or in stores worldwide.



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