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Nira Caledonia

by Yemi Edwards

One of my many joys about my photography is the opportunity to work within new and different surroundings. I shoot on location mostly and I get an occasion to tell the world about a place I found truly unforgettable. Living in Scotland for the last year I have discovered a few “treasure” places. The style of photography I do requires an intimate and welcoming atmosphere for my client. While sometimes I may not find the “perfect” location, Nira Caledonia not only impressed me in a professional way, but my client was so moved by her experience in this truly beautiful hotel she left feeling moved with happiness trickling down her cheeks. I was not expecting such effort from the hotel team. I normally turn up to a hotel, get handed a key, and off I go to snap away.

I arrived to the beautiful boutique hotel which is located on Gloucester Place, a picturesque street in Edinburgh’s Stockbridge area. I love the sound of my tires bobbling along the cobblestones, it’s like stepping back in time. Stockbridge is in the “New Town’ of Edinburgh, home to the landmark, St Stephen’s Church. The area is filled with picturesque gardens with the Royal Circus not so far away. It is a 10 min walk away from Princes Street and Waverley Rail Station.Nira Caledonia, is made up of two unique townhouses filled with 5 star luxuries. It is part of the Nira Hotel and Resort group and we had the opportunity to use one of their gorgeous 28 rooms. The hotel is home to five room categories: Jacuzzi Suite, Suite, Executive Room, Petite Double and Single. Each room has been designed to a first class modern luxury character.

Within the grand grounds of this Georgian building are what the hotel have set aside as Suites of Distinction: The Gloucester Suite; The Inverleith Suite,  “named after the affluent Edinburgh suburb” ; The Dean Suite with its own garden; The Stockbridge Suite having views over the Botanical Gardens; The Henderson Suite; The Bellevue Jacuzzi Suite, labeled “the most romantic suite”; The New Town Suite; The Nira Signature Suite; and the stunning suite we had access to, The Fettes Jacuzzi Suite.

I had visited the hotel before for a very quick snap of Tom Stade for another press assignment. But then,  I had only visited the main building enjoying copious amounts of coffee. I did not know the magical space of the second newly refurbished building, an addition to this ultra chic stunning hotel. It was like walking into something from Alice in Wonderland. At first glance, I knew this had been the perfect choice for a VIP boudoir photography session.After being greeted by Peter Nieuwland and his amazing team, downing the must-have coffee before the shoot, I was lead out from the main building. Those who know me can picture me not wanting to part with that last sip, but wanting to get on with what was on the agenda swiftly.  I entered the grand reception leading up to the most beautiful room I had ever encountered, The Fettes Jacuzzi Suite.

It was one of Edinburgh’s fluke summers day. The hottest I had experienced to date. Although we were shooting boudoir, the heat was definitely not a welcoming factor. But thankfully Peter and his team were on hand to supply us with enough fans to keep the heat at bay. Making sure everyone was cool and calm and comfortable.

My client was sat with the make up artist, her face and hair being attended to. This gave me time to explore what this magnificent suite had to offer. Though I was here for professional usage purposes, I wanted to explore my surroundings as I do recommend places to stay for my out of town clients. Plus, I a little chance for me to also try before I buy for my own personal residential visit.

I made a beeline for the Nespresso coffee machine, spoiling me with premium range capsules. My client’s chaperone sat on the grand sofa making art sales. I noticed the satisfied pause as she took a sip in-between her freshly made cup of java from a pod to what seemed like the sale of the century.

No photo shoot is complete without some sounds. I located the iPod dock and after a few technical hiccups (I phone 6plus versus the world) I managed to get my Spotify up and running adding a bit of ambience to the room ready for the photography. My client, still under the makeup brush, was in awe of her setting and relaxed into the mood. Having this makes my job a lot easier. The perfect setting means a perfect shoot, means a happy client, plain and simple!

The Fettes Jacuzzi Suite boasted a vast in-room whirlpool bath. A beautiful backdrop for my photographic shoot. Though we didn’t require the use of this dreamingly vision, it still completes the super romantic setting. The mirrors and sash windows made for a truly sensual and intimate scene. The room’s kingsize bed, beautiful rich decor and all amenities gave all one would need for a home away from home. Nira Caledonia was a wonderful setting for our Very Important Person Photo shoot and remains a top choice for a romantic and relaxing getaway in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Nira Caledonia
6-10 Gloucester Place
Edinburgh EH3 6EF

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