NuroKor MiTouch

by Katie Bamber

The NuroKor MiTouch is a handheld bioelectronic device that’s designed, by assisting your body’s own bioelectrical systems, to treat pain, aid recovery and muscle development, and speed up the healing process from both exercise and injury. It’s bioelectrical medicine and by no means a new form of therapy, with athletes using it for muscle trauma and recovery means for years, but has recently become more available in mainstream practices for rehabilitation and pain relief. By aiding the body in its natural recovery process, this system produces microcurrents as the body does to heal. The NuroKor can reduce inflammation, improve circulation and speed up healing. So if you are recovering from injury, or looking for a new solution to physical pain or discomfort other than pills, take a look.

I picked up a NuroKor MiTouch to try and help with an old shoulder injury, a damaged rotator cuff for which I’ve never done any formal rehab. A few years down the line I experience aching and dull pain around the front of my shoulder and down the upper arm, especially after doing sports that have worked the upper body. Taking a big trip for a fortnight’s surfing and I’m apprehensive about the anticipated pain potentially blocking me from surfing as much as intended. So, this is my ask of the NuroKor – to get deep into the hardened muscle that causes gyp, usually only relieved by a trip to the physio and a deep tissue massage. It’s the NuroKor® MCS (MicroCurrent Stimulation) aspect of the device I want to activate that as well as reducing pain and inflammation improves loss of function from muscle damage. I’d heard of something like this before from a pro athlete friend who used this kind of electrotherapy treatment when they had muscles immobilized by a cast. Microcurrents were applied to contract and relax a muscle to keep it strong when immoveable. I was optimistic and interested in this simple-sounding and effective treatment.

The microcurrent you can’t feel, but in the physical sense it made a hell of a lot of difference. By attaching small electrode pads to the muscle or problem area of the body, the small device puts out bioelectrical pulses, controlled by you. You don’t have to stay put whilst the MiTouch does it’s work (up to an hour) even if you’re plugged in to a moving muscle or joint as, mobile-telephone-sized, it’s easy to move about with. But I also found it a good excuse to kick back for a short session for some added chill therapy. A double hit. It’ll certainly be something I pack on the next surf trip. It’s compact, very portable, and is easy and intuitive to use. The PNS (Peripheral Nerve Stimulation) system of the MiTouch tackles acute and chronic pain. It reportedly blocks pain signals and stimulates Endorphin release, the body’s own “feel good” chemical.

There’s a third use for the device, aside from the pain relief and rehab, which is to enhance performance – to use during training. Aside from the quicker recovery, which significantly aids performance in itself, the Nurokor NMS (Neuromuscular Stimulation) function is said to be effective for developing physical performance, enhancing strength parameters and improving motor abilities. Used over weeks, athletes can see gains and enhance their performance by using this biotechnology. For the price (£399) it’s worth challenging the full potential of the NuroKor MiTouch device. I haven’t yet tried this feature; So far I’ve been happy with the positive results and much reduced upper arm and shoulder aching from my old injury, which I believe has been from a combination of the regular exercise and strengthening as well as NuroKor MiTouch use. I’ll be bringing it to a PT for some careful use in a gym to look at its potential performance enhancement benefits. To be continued.

Though I couldn’t feel any stimulation during my NuroKor MiTouch ‘therapy session’ there was a definite ease from the aching that normally takes over my arm post this kind of exercise. I used the device several hours after surfing – the beach was calling – and recall feeling joy the next morning in realising I didn’t have muscle pain shooting down my arm putting me off from going out into the water again… Result. Multiple sessions are often needed, as in any case of physical reparation, to feel an impact. A good selling point is that you can use your NuroKor device for 30 days and, if it isn’t working for you, send it back for a refund – a try and test of this technology and holistic approach to physical therapy. In short, the NuroKor offers clinically proven technologies shown to kill pain, improve performance, accelerate healing and speed recovery. You hold the power – something I appreciated (and something that also gives me comfort for any future twinges I might have) most about the NuroKor. I can take action and carry out this treatment when suffering from these recurrent aches, instead of feeling impotent waiting to see a physio.

Cost of NuroKor MiTouch: £399. Visit the website for more details and to purchase.


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