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Petit Comité Sevilla

by Lara Protheroe

Seville has much to recommend it: horse-drawn carriages, fragrant citrus trees, beautiful architecture, and plenty of tapas options. A relaxed long weekend saw food galore, and one of the highlights was Petit Comité Sevilla. An intimate restaurant situated near the River Guadalquivir, Petit Comité Sevilla has an understated, family bistro feel.

I arrived, with my glamorous dining partner, to a welcoming and pleasant ambiance. The restaurant is split into two main sections with a street side front area and a back section; the connecting passageway has a few cosy tables in it. Spanish children dressed in white dined with their parents, couples were having intimate meals, and friends chatted away over small glasses of beer as they pondered their food choices. The crowd was seemingly entirely Spanish.

An original tiled floor, moody black and white photographs on the wall, wooden tables and chairs, a bar well stocked with books and wine bottles. Positioned on red velvet seating around the edge of the room we were the only diners in this front area of the restaurant. We were not conspicuous for too long as by 9.45pm the room was entirely filled.The menu is short and sweet. Our French waiter was efficient and whizzed through the menu making personal and clear recommendations. We started with a tomato and burrata salad, the tomatoes were fanned out on the plate, with a small pile of rocket and the fresh Italian cheese seated in the middle, seasoned with a homemade basil dressing, olive oil and poppy seeds. Underneath the cheese was a salsa of finely diced up red and green peppers and corguette. It was soft and delicious, salty and tantalizing. The cheese was creamy and decadent.

We followed with a fish dish of cod balanced on cous cous, with aioli and mint on top of that. A fish fume was poured over at table. The fish was moist and the delicate fume made even cous cous delightful.

Next up was a glazed pork cheek dish which appeared as a rich stew, on top of the thick meaty sauce were carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. The meat was smooth as was the sauce, it was large and very filling and would have been fantastic to mash a few new potatoes into!To conclude the mains we had a slightly incongruous Japanese style Tataki beef. It was presented on a slate with a tiny jug of soy sauce and a line of puffed rice and corn. The beef had been marinated with lemon thyme and the eight slices sat perfectly identical in size on the black slate.

We finished with a cheesecake made with cream cheese and white chocolate, sat atop ground almonds and covered in a fruits of the forest coulee. It was presented in a mini mason jar and was rich and tasty.

Petit Comité Sevilla
Calle Dos de Mayo, 30
41001 Sevilla


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