by Lady Charlotte Lynham

When working on a renovation project, despite the hard work, there are benefits, and one of those are putting ones style stamp on what is essentially a blank canvas. The barn we have renovated was a carcass when we started so based on our luxury travels and style tastes we decided to opt for a Scandinavian come alpine theme for the barn being that it was a wood building. Once we had chosen a colour scheme and the fixtures and fittings it was time to think about interior design, furniture and accessories. While investigating interior design stores and stockists I came across PIB, their mantra of providing furniture that combined style and quality online intrigued me so I took a closer look.

PIB offer products designed to emphasise your unique style, with flawless finishes and a timeless design to combine stylistic elements in perfect harmony to compliment your home. PIB selects and manufactures their products based on demanding criteria, nobility of materials and finishes, most of all PIB value quality over quantity, something I could definitely identify with.PIB split their collection in to design style, and considering the Scandi design of the barn their Scandinavian furniture collection was the perfect place to look for furniture. Sobriety and elegance are the hallmarks of the Scandinavian style, simple and refined. Scandinavians much prefer to integrate simplicity into decoration and therefore their designs have become a staple of vintage style, while maintaining a link with modern interiors. This was exactly the look we were going for, due to the small space simple lines and a few bold design elements were key to making the barn a luxurious but spacious home.

The colour palate of the barn is tones of grey with oak floors and beams, so when looking for furniture I wanted to make sure that it was in keeping but was also unique enough that it was a design element in its on right. Looking through the coffee table options I came across the Briët coffee table and straight away was drawn to the bold lines but simple elegance of the design.The Briët coffee table is the prefect example of Scandinavian design with its refined retro design. As the barn is open plan the living space is connected to the kitchen and office come dining area, so the Briët coffee table would be perfect in the living area providing a useful table for use by the sofa. The table is 18mm of light marble, which offers a beautiful contrast to the three dark varnished oak feet; the marble is Bianco marble from Turkey and has a mixture of white and grey tones. The wood is solid oak, which comes with a varnished finish making it tough and durable, the table in its entirety is very high resistance due to the enduring nature of the marble, making this table a perfect piece of furniture for a living room where it will see much use. The table is also very aesthetically pleasing with its clean simple lines and muted nature tones, the perfect fit for our Scandinavian barn!

When the table arrived it was pretty simple to assemble, the construction of the table is stunning, the quality and finish of the wood almost makes it a shame you cannot see the legs through the marble. The marble top is light and glossy with a high sheen that is almost reflective, it is super easy to clean and has added a new material element to the barn. I am thrilled with the table, although smaller than a usual coffee table it works perfectly for us as it is not obstructive to the flow of our open plan living and it is small and light enough to move around the barn if need be.I highly recommended PIB and the furniture and design elements listed on their site, the Scandinavian section in particular has some beautiful pieces. Our Briët coffee table has become a key design element to our barn, classic and simple it moulds well in to the space while also being a unique focal point. I love the natural materials it is made of which echoes the style of our barn, the table is also expertly constructed which means I know it will last, echoing PIB’s mantra of quality over quantity. If you are looking for unusual, unique and classic designs that you cannot get elsewhere then PIB is the site for you, I am certainly very happy with my table and look forward to using it for many years to come.

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