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by The Lord and Lady

Being a connoisseur of Radley products for many years, knowing their quality and excellent styles and attention to detail, I was honoured to use the Radley Vintage Dog Dot cabin case on a recent vacation.

My love affair began after spotting the Balloon picture bag in a shop window in London many years ago and I just had to have it! After stepping into the world of Radley, I have not looked back with many purchases being made of Picture and Signature bags, which are of such a high quality I never felt let down by Radley products and the Dog Dot cabin case lives up to every expectation.

My first trip with the Radley Vintage Dog Dot case was on a recent trip abroad and I was excited to showcase the beauty of this luggage. It is a cabin size hard shell suitcase with an elegant tapered design for all your packing needs, meaning you do not have to compromise on the importance of style while you travel.Made with travel needs in mind, this suitcase is ultra-lightweight (5.73 lbs) and designed with a resistant solid exterior, which is less likely to crack or scratch when putting your case in one of those pesky small overhead lockers!

Packed in a drawstring cover to stop dust and damage while stored away before that next wonderful holiday, you can have ease of mind knowing your bag will look fabulous once again when unpacked.

With a simple zip fastening around the outside and integrated TSA approved dial lock – which I found highly effective and secure knowing my goods could not be tampered with. The bag has an extendable pull handle, easy to extend by pushing the middle button; this suitcase also includes a four-wheeled base for ease of movement. I highly compliment Radley on the design of the base as the wheels glide effortlessly while striding through the airport or glamorously checking in at the lobby of your latest adventure.

Inside features individual packing areas, meaning you can pack in as much in as you need while keeping organised. I found the different sections of great use meaning I could put make-up and toiletries in one compartment keeping it away from my clothes. There was ample room for all my weekend clothes and I liked the added feature of straps to keep my gown from any movement while in transit.The Vintage Dog Dot collection celebrates some of my favourite Radley prints, the iconic Scottie dog mixed with a playful polka dot. Finished in black and vanilla hues, this design is a versatile addition to my Radley accessories collection. This is a must-have cabin size luggage case that I feel I can travel with time and time again. Being my first Radley cabin bag I can highly recommend this ravishing Radley cabin bag, as there is lots to bark about! I am already excited to be planning my next trip with the case.

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