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Renée Lapino 7 Day Bum Changer

by Lady Charlotte Lynham

Cellulite is found in about 80%-90% of normal adult women. Wow thats a depressing fact. Contrary to belief cellulite is not fat, cellulite is just the dimples and bumps that are seen when fat is divided into tiny pockets in the skin. It’s also more common in women than in men. Another depressing fact. Women’s skin collagen is arranged in parallel rows, like pillars, this pattern lends itself to the compartmentalization of fat, which makes cellulite visible. Men’s collagen, however, is arranged in an X-pattern, this creates only very small fat compartments and doesn’t allow for dimpling of the skin. However, all is not lost, the science wizards at Elenzia have teamed up with skin guru Renée Lapino to to battle that pesky orange peel!

Introducing the 7 day Bum Changer. Comprised of 3 different modalities, the 7 Day Bum Changer works by eradicating fat cells and tightening collagen strands to improve the appearance of cellulite and loose skin from the inside out. Renée Lapino and her team offer this treatment from their Notting Hill Clinic, which is where I headed to give it a go. Located in an elegant townhouse this clinic is not your normal skin clinic, it feels more like a home with a lavish waiting room kitted out with velvet sofas and a library. I went in to the treatment room, of which there are two, to start my treatment with the lovely technician Christina. As its the bum and thighs you do not have to get into your birthday suit, you just have to be in your pants with your top rolled up OR as I found out off, as the radiofrequency used in the treatment makes you feel rather hot!First things first, Christina began with the application of Elenzia Celltense™ Serum, which is an adjuvant serum that has been clinically proven to boost and accelerate the effects of radio frequency (RF) body tightening treatments, making them 18 times more effective. Celltense™ works through the power of the innovative new ingredient the CD44 Enhancer. The skin’s CD44 cell receptors are responsible for the production of hyaluronic acid (HA), collagen and elastin. Low levels of these elements in the skin results in soft, loose skin that is more susceptible to wrinkles and cellulite. By activating the CD44 cell receptors, the serum can increase the body’s natural production of HA, collagen and elastin forming healthy firm skin, increasing the density of the dermis. Firm skin is lustrous, wrinkle free and resists fat pods avoiding the orange peel effect known as cellulite. Christina then applied the Lumenis NuEra radio frequency energy to the area, working up to 4cm deep to tighten collagen strands and empty the fat cells of their contents. This could also improve any stretch marks or scars in the area, although the treatment is not indicated to do so. This is the part where you heat up, it’s not unpleasant, more a very warm feeling like a hot stone massage BUT you do feel hot all over thus the stripping off of layers!Following the relaxing RF Christina utilised a needless mesotherapy pen to inject a fat dissolving serum with no pain or risk of downtime. The pen uses a high speed jet of air to force the serum into the skin, which is not painful at all, it felt more like a very quick prod. The bespoke mesotherapy cocktail injected is absorbed by the fat cells, who are under the mistaken belief that the cocktail is excess fat. Once absorbed, the fat cells reach capacity and attempt to split to form new fat cells, but instead they split and become cellular waste. The body then absorbs it and flushes it out through the endocrine system. Sneaky yet effective. After this Christina cleansed the area and I was good to go.

The 7 day bum changer consists of two treatments, 7 days apart, thus the name. So a week or so after the first treatment I was back at the Notting Hill clinic for the second treatment. The same procedure was followed and again it was quick, pain free and professionally performed by Christina. The clinic advise that some bruising may occur after treatment one, but no bruising should occur after treatment two, allowing the patient to go out and show off their new bum and legs immediately. I had a little bruising but I bruise easily, it was nothing major, more like I had knocked myself on a corner of a table or something!So the results . . . my bottom definitely looked smoother and felt it too. I asked my friend whilst away in Morocco and she commented that it looked more pert and smooth, and she has known me over 15 years so she would know! I think given the choice I would continue the treatment so that it lasted longer, as with all things time passes, diets and exercise change and the skin begins to loosen. I honestly believe it made a difference and science has proved it does. However, the real proof is in the return custom, and as someone thats tried a lot of things when it comes to beauty, I would certainly go back and have this treatment again.

The 7 day Bum Changer is unique to Renée Lapino clinic so for more information see online.

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