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Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa London

Rossano Ferretti Salon London

Rossano Ferretti, the grandson of Renato, a barber and son of hairdresser Gigliola, was born in Campegine, a village of 500 inhabitants in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy.  As a child who loved beauty and the harmony of proportions, the family drove him to follow in the footsteps of tradition, and so at age 14, he found himself in hairdressing school. After one year at beauty school, Rossano wanted to look for a new challenge, so he went to London, where he discovered “hair design” and a new kind of fashion. When Rossano returned to Italy, he began to offer exclusive and luxury custom services to celebrities, influencers, and socialites worldwide.  He opened his first salon in Parma and from the beginning, women worldwide appreciated his method of hairdressing because he understood the essence of their femininity and he interpreted this with taste, discretion and respect.

His London salon opened this year in the heart of Mayfair, taking over the ex Fabergé headquarters on St George Street.  Like Rossano Ferretti’s other salons, he seeks the most talented hairstylists and colourists from around the world, the team in London is headed up by the Jack Howard, expert in Balayage and colouring who has worked as Senior Portfolio Artist for L’Oreal Professional North America and Guest Artist for Fudge UK and Pol Garcia, who trained in the Rossano Ferretti “method”, is a consummate professional and expert at cutting hair.  With all this in mind I was very excited when I booked my appointment with Jack and Pol.

On a sunny spring afternoon I approach the Hairspa, the glamorous doorman opens the glass door that opens up in to a beautiful monochrome staircase, jet-black chandeliers sharply contrasting the bright white walls and black-carpeted stairs.  As I got to reception on the first floor, I was greeted warmly and after my jacket and handbag were safely stowed away in the cloakroom I was taken to the long colouring table at the back of the salon.  Jack and Pol came over to discuss what was to be done with my hair, after years of colouring and over styling I was looking forward to a new start for my follicles.  After being offered a much welcome glass of vino, I kick back and let the masters of their art perform miracles.  As I sit there I look around the salon and notice the lack of mirrors; the colouring table is just a sleek, long, black marble table, with no mirrors, the idea that no client wants to look at themselves until they get to appreciate the finished product, and I could not agree more.  Jack compliments my natural colour which (with age) is now a darker honey blonde.  We decide to take it back to basics; using a tint, which is kinder to hair as it does not contain bleach, he transforms my colour in under an hour!  Rich, warm and more in keeping with my complexion and age I love my new colour, now it was over to Pol to work his magic with scissors.

Rossano Ferretti Salon London

Sitting in a very comfortable leather chair in one of the private treatment rooms on the third floor, Pol asks me what style I am after.  As I am trying to grow my hair, I do not want anything major so we agree on a trim plus a tidy up of my layers as well as a Shu Uemura treatment to tackle my dry hair.  Pol, from Mexico originally, has worked in some of the top salons across the world, after settling in London to work at Rossano Ferretti.   Cutting my hair with ease and speed and within what seemed like seconds you could already see the making of a great hairstyle despite the fact my hair was still wet.  After the cutting was finished Pol blow-dried my hair, but unlike my usual straight style, he went on to produce the most beautiful barrel curls all with just a brush and hairdryer.  The finished product was breathtaking, I actually looked, and more importantly felt, like a movie star! As I went back down to reception to collect my coat and bag, not only the people from the salon but other customers commented on my hair, I felt a million dollars.  So with a smile on my face and a spring in my step I left the luxurious confines of this amazing Hair Spa, car waiting for me to whisk me off to Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester, where I was greeted like the movie star I felt like, and thanks to Jack and Pol, looked like as well.

Rossano Ferretti
17 St George Street
London, W1S 1FJ
United Kingdom


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