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Rush Hair Kensington

by Lis-Marie Liden

For the longest time I highlighted my hair, by myself, and I also trimmed my own ends. I am very much aware every single hair professional just shrugged with dread at that statement. It looked OK I guess, but it was really taking a toll on my fragile fine locks. After not being outside around people during the lockdowns my hair had a much needed rest and to my happy surprise and it grew long and looked healthier. The only problem is that I did not love the darkness of my natural colour. Enter Balayage, or in this case Foliage. Foliage is a lightning technique that allows the ultimate hair lift and vibrant strands of colour with the help of carefully placed foil. I’m a frequent visitor to Kensington High Street and the lovely little streets around that area, it’s definitely a place to take a wander on a anime day. Turning up on Kensington Church Street you’ll find the Rush Hair Salon nestled in on a corner of the house. It’s a small salon but don’t let that fool you. Everything is placed and positioned just right making it an effortless space. I especially liked the washing area, kind of hidden in a small nook. I wouldn’t have known it was there unless I needed to use it. The music is upbeat and definitely adding to the vibe.

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I’m greeted at the front desk by a beaming smile from the manager Tina, who it so happened was also in charge of beautifying my hair. Foliage, beige blonde, cut and curtain bangs. That was on the menu for me.

Foliage is also something Tina teaches at their academy in Covent Garden so I knew I had a master at hand. She has a clear passion for the customers entire journey and it shows. It’s an amazing exchange and easy conversation with recommendations, a discussion between us deciding together on the path forward. I’m shown different swatches of blonde to really get the idea of the colour. Turns out, I’m in between, good to know! Tina made me feel comfortable while being brave with my hair, I am so proud of my length and I think because it’s rare for my hair to reach that I always struggle with cutting it off. I don’t treat myself to hair appointments as often as one should I’m sure, but always love the feeling when I do. So to have someone understanding this journey is very important.

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Having Tina explain what was going to happen I’m watching as she goes along. Foils are in and we are on the way. I always wonder what someone who didn’t know this was a thing would think seeing a befoiled woman in a chair. It is a view to be sure. I am told gently that the regular trims are important, and I know this, I just have to stick with it. Not only is this important for the general health of the hair but also if you have fine hair like me it will give a nice thickness. But I’m also told I have new growth and that made me so happy!

After having the foils in for a little over 45 minutes it was time to rinse and reveal. I can see that Tina already feels happy with the turn out. But before moving along we apply a toner as well as an Olaplex treatment. This will really nourish, treat and support my hair. It was nice to see how Tina almost matched us customers together, during the wash of my hair it turns out there was a bride to be and another stylist there, Tina introduced my styling services and the networking began. Absolutely great to feel you could chat with everyone in there during your session.


On to the cutting off my precious locks, I was nervous but fully trusted her vision as well as knowing I had to trim a bit off for the greater good. I keep closing my eyes throughout the process almost as to allow myself a great reveal at the end. Still having seamless conversation with Tina, this is so important because otherwise you just kind of sit there awkwardly.

Once my hair has been dried we move along to styling, adding some needed volume with a round brush really lifting the roots, and as the icing on the cake the curtain bangs gets its tweak. Et Voila! I had bouncy beautifully coloured hair, with foliage highlights naturally placed making it look like maybe the sun did that. I can see some length has been taken off but it looks great and so much healthier, but not only that, it looks thicker. Any woman with fine Scandi locks will understand that struggle. I felt like a new woman leaving Rush Hair and found myself glancing at my hair in every single shop window on the way home. If you want a natural Balayage/Foliage with amazing service and expertise, Rush Kensington is the place to be.

Rush Hair Kensington
26 Kensington Church Street
W8 4EP
United Kingdom

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