by Katie Bamber

Samudra is a sustainable activewear brand with a focus on protecting our oceans. How? By removing plastic pollution and turning it into something useful, something beautiful. Samudra’s launching range, named Pacific, is simple, elegant, comfortable and is made from regenerated ocean plastic. Independent and female-founded, Samudra is UK-based with the garments are ethically manufactured in London. Buy a Samudra piece and invest in the “slow fashion” movement and long needed move forwards within the textiles industry.

The Samudra story began during COVID-19 lockdown when living sustainably became a narrative of the utmost importance. Founders Margot and Katie are on a mission to protect our oceans. The word Samudra means “the gathering together of waters” in Sanskrit and it forms part of the name of Samudradeva, the Hindu God of the Ocean. We’ve all seen the documentaries, read literature and listened to the news out there on plastic pollution, fast fashion and the threat of climate change. Right now there are 5.25 trillion tonnes of plastic in the ocean. It’s rich biodiversity is at threat. Over 100,000 marine mammals and 1 million birds are killed each year from plastic pollution. And that’s just the start of it. Action is needed and now.

Up to 70% of macroplastics released into the open water are from the fishing industry – fishing nets, lines. ECONYL® is a supplier that regenerates ocean plastic into a fiber that makes high-sec fabrics. Whilst it performs exactly the same as virgin nylon, it reduces the use of crude oil, CO2 emissions and the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90%. And can be regenerated again and again. “We hope that one day there will be no more plastic left to collect from the oceans and instead we can keep regenerating existing nylon into our activewear, helping the fashion industry to become a more circular economy,” the team say.

The products are designed to suit every silhouette. The Pacific set is the first to roll out and currently comes in jet black. The high-waisted ⅞ leggings cost £93 and come in small, medium and large. I can confirm they feel incredibly supportive and sculpting, whilst not compromising on movement. The special soft fabric is sweat wicking and passes the squat test. No need to worry about your underwear showing. In fact, no need to wear underwear at all!

I’ve never worn nor seen a more elegant sports bra, the Pacific Top at £62, which is designed to offer light support. The ultra soft material feels and fits like a supportive second skin. It also doubles as a bikini top and is quick dry and chlorine resistant. Wear it from street to workout to the beach without compromising on comfort and elegance. The £10 scrunchie made from fabric waste cuttings promises not to soak up any of your hair’s natural oils and will leave our hair less damaged when pulled out, as so many hair ties do.

The Pacific range material is technical, durable, supportive and perfect for active and performance wear. Women’s and unisex white t-shirts with the simple Samudra wave logo are up for grabs too (£35). These are made from waste cuttings from organic cotton clothing that’s shredded and blended with recycled plastic bottles. Who knew that recycled plastic bottles could be so soft? The clothes are designed to last a lifetime. There’s sustainability for you. And for a reassuring price. Samudra ensures workers throughout the production process are paid a fair wage, suppliers selected with this shared ethos.

“Our Samudra pieces are not the only sustainable element of the brand. We aim to practice sustainability in every business sector when creating beautiful activewear. From concept, to design, packaging, labelling and through donating 5% of profits to female-focused conservation projects, we hope every aspect of our business can be labelled ‘sustainable’.”

For more information see their website.

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