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Sexy Valentine’s Day with Lovehoney


Jewellery, cuddly toys, flowers, perfume, maybe some underwear, all lovely gifts for Valentines but what do you really want? A bloody good orgasm that’s what! Whether you are spending this Valentines with a special someone or alone we all deserve sexual pleasure. Orgasms as we know release endorphins, known as feel-good hormones, which make you feel sleepy, relaxed, or happy afterwards. Research has found that orgasms achieved with a partner resulted in good sleep outcomes. Orgasms achieved through masturbation resulted in even better sleep quality and reduced the time taken to fall asleep. This is because the body releases a hormone called oxytocin during an orgasm. Oxytocin may have a variety of health benefits, such as: regulating anxiety, reducing the risk of heart disease and reducing the risk of cancer; such as ovarian cancer. In addition, there is some evidence that frequent ejaculation in males might reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Research has found that healthcare professionals diagnosed prostate cancer less frequently in those who had high ejaculation rates. So not only does it feel great to orgasm but it’s healthy for you! Now if that wasn’t a better reason to get busy with your bits I don’t know what is? So, bearing in mind there are a multitude of different “orgasms” from clitorial, blended, multiple (the jackpot) and vaginal to G Spot (no it’s not a myth and research has shown men have them too) and the saucy anal orgasm, it was my hard (excuse the pun) job to team up with the UK’s leading sex toy online store Lovehoney.co.uk to test out some toys and kink to make your Valentines an explosive one.

Couple Play

We-Vibe Sync 2 Remote Control and App Rechargeable Couple’s Vibrator – £139.99

What is it? 

The newest generation couple’s vibrator with dual stimulation and app-controlled capabilities. Ergonomically designed with an adjustable, flexible fit, you can bend the textured ‘please’ shape to target the clitoris and G-spot during partnered penetration (with a strap-on or penis). Using the single-button control on the toy, the remote control, or the We-Vibe app, you can explore 10 rumbling vibration modes to deliver hands-free, jaw-dropping stimulation for both of you at exactly the same time. The We-Vibe Sync is completely waterproof so you can take it into the bath, shower or wherever you want to get wet and wild, but be sure not to submerge the remote as it is only splash-proof. This slim new vibe comes in three different colours with its very own cotton pouch for easy storage and travel.

Does it work?

So you have to be in the mood to fit this or lubed up as it takes some technical adjustment to get it in and at the right length, angle etc. But once you have it in place you are good to go. We worked out it was better to fit it halfway through penetrative sex as then fitting it was more comfortable and your bits are warmed up. The best sensation we found was when your partner is thrusting quite vigorously as then their movement moves the We Vibe Sync 2 which in turns rubs against you both for mutual pleasure. My mutual tester liked the vibrating sensation inside on the G-Spot against his penis but the outside vibration did not really do much for him but for me it made all the difference. In ANY position its on the bits that matter most for a girl so as long as your other half is thrusting it will get you to orgasm. The best thing is after the initial fiddly part of fitting, it’s easy to use as the remote means you can adjust the vibration style and intensity with little fuss either by yourself or let you partner take control for added fun. The other good thing about this gadget is it’s little and discreet so great for packing for a naughty night away and its 100% waterproof so that hottub is even more tempting than before! I think as a toy for two this is a great buy, it saves packing loads of sex toys for a weekend away and both can appreciate the sensation.

Lovehoney X Womanizer Late Night Lust Couple’s Sex Toy Kit (7 Piece) – £69.99

What is it?

This kit is worth £154, so this sex toy kit is the best (and most economical) way to start your day and night with a bang. Bursting with saucy treats that buzz, pulsate and arouse, this seven-piece kit is a must-have for lovers. This kit contains a Womanizer Starlet 3 clitoral suction vibrator, rechargeable bullet vibrator, cock ring, butt plug, penis stroker, blindfold, and minty orgasm balm. Each piece is carefully selected to help set the mood, enhance your foreplay and add another dimension to your pleasure. As a one stop shop kit it makes for the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries.

Does it work?

So first things first this is a very reasonably priced kit. For what you get the price tag is cheap! So in terms of gifting you get your money’s worth and then some. Also for anyone without sex toys in their kit this is a great starter pack with something for all occasions. Our favs were the cock ring, which with its little extended nobbly pad took this humble sex toy to another level. It sits perfectly on your clitoris thus elevating your partner to human rampant rabbit! We also liked the penis stroker, great for partner play or even a cheeky self love session, it can be used with or without the bullet viabrator depending on your preference. Its super soft silicone so easy to mould and after use even easier to clean. My personal favourite was the Womanizer Starlet 3 clitoral suction vibrator, small but mighty with the same tech as its more pricier cousin the Womanizer OG, you can use it on yourself or it’s even easy enough for your partner to use on you. To really ramp up the pleasure its short enough to use on yourself while your partner is thrusting away and it wont get in the way. I personally think this is a great kit to get your partner for Valentine’s, with enough toys to spice things up without being too intimidating, it will certainly make for a exciting pre or post Valentine’s dinner sex session!

Lovehoney Luxury Bondage Kit (7 Piece) – on sale for £34.99

What is it?

Tickle, flog and spank to your heart’s content with this collection of BDSM must-haves. Lovehoney have compiled some of their best-selling S&M gear to make bondage games a cinch. Includes a blindfold, tickler, flogger and restraints. Lovingly handpicked by Lovehoney experts, these sumptuous bondage essentials are aimed specifically at couple’s who have dabbled with BDSM and are looking to take their adventures to the next stage. Each product is made from invitingly soft material to make the transition to more advanced play easy, intimate and non-intimidating. Wrap your lover’s wrists and ankles in smooth, satin-feel ribbons and tease their bottom with delicate flicks from the beautiful faux suede flogger to add a new dimension to your bedroom fun.

Does it work?

Not everyone is into kink and BDSM but think less Berlin brothel here and more Moulin Rouge tantalising and teasing. There is no ball gag in site to freak out your partner that you are one step away from a gimp suit situation, this set is sexy, seductive and soft. The set of 4 satin-feel restraints offer comfortable and reliable arm and leg bondage, perfect for slowly teasing your partner with what’s to come. The glossy pliable blindfold blocks light for exciting sensory deprivation play and as most women are not stimulated through visuals but touch and sound using the blindfold is great for really working up that sexual frustration to climax. Our favourite toy was the delicately soft feather tickler, it awakens nerves for increased sensitivity and can even be used in a non “sex” situation for just relaxing and getting to know your partner’s body in more intimate detail. If you are ready to take it up a notch there is also the faux suede and leather flogger for beginner’s impact play. Now I quite like a little slap in the bedroom, contrary to male perspective, in a consensual situation with someone you trust a little spanking is quite pleasurable. Several studies have found that couples who engage in such BDSM activities see a reduction in stress levels. Firstly, this is thought to be because couples may feel a unique confidence in their structured intimacy. Secondly, many BDSM couples report entering a state of ‘mindfulness’ during their escapades, similar to the mindset athletes report when they’re ‘in the zone’. So get out of that mindspace of BDSM is just for sex dungeons, it’s for everybody and might bring you that little bit closer in doing so.

Self Play

Womanizer OG Pleasure Air G-Spot Stimulator – on sle for £143.99

What is it?

Womanizer OG is the first Pleasure Air G-spot vibrator, combining targeted Pleasure Air and vibrations for a powerful orgasmic journey unlike any before. Womanizer OG pairs Pleasure Air stimulation (hitherto reserved for the clitoris) with a smooth, G-spot-seeking curve that internally delivers 12 intensity levels of pulsating and massaging changes in air pressure. This provides a kind of sensation that has never before been applied to the G-spot, leading to more extraordinary ecstasy. The Womanizer pairs Pleasure Air stimulation with 3 vibration speeds to enhance your experience even further. Two types of stimulation mean double the pleasure, pampering and thrilling the G-spot for an unforgettable journey. The features don’t stop there: Womanizer OG is IPX7 waterproof, meaning that you can take your toy into the bath or shower and it also boasts a Smart Silence feature, which means the Pleasure Air stimulation only turns on when in direct contact with skin, thus preserving its battery and keeping noise to a minimum. Last but absolutely not least, the Womanizer OG includes an afterglow feature, where a quick press on the minus button after a thrilling climax will revert your toy back to its lowest setting for a relaxing end to an orgasm.

Does it work?

On first inspection this toy does not look like it’s going to do much but don’t let looks deceive. Its sleek moulded design is very tactile to hold and once you get the angle right for your body it’s quite a powerful toy. It took me a while to work out that it only “activates” upon sensing your skin (maybe should have read the manual in more detail), a very clever feature that saves battery and means it’s completely silent when not in use. After some adjustment, navigation and getting use to the feeling (it feels like cunnilingus) it’s a very pleasant sensation. What surprised me was the build up, unlike other orgasms this was a much longer process but way more intense, and when you climax it’s mind blowing, full leg trembling stuff. The toy has a feature that when you get there you can put it in afterglow level drawing out the sensations. This toy is also multi functional and can also stimulate the G Spot, you basically flip it and put the part you were using on your clitoris inside and on your G-Spot. This was a super weird sensation as it sucked against the interior making you feel like you might wet yourself. It certainly took some getting use to and was more of mind over matter as to just going with the sensation and allowing your body to relax. I am going to have to experiment with this function more as I have not yet managed to climax this way, practice makes perfefct!

Lovehoney Hot Shot Rechargeable Warming Silicone Male Masturbator – £79.99

What is it?

Lovehoney’s rechargeable warming male masturbator is designed to mimic the sensations of the mouth. This toy heats up as it vibes and pulses around the head of the penis to bring you to a heavenly climax. The interior heats to a maximum temperature of 40°C to deliver authentic warmth similar to a real mouth, and the head-engulfing shape gives you a full oral sex simulation. Rechargeable and made from super-smooth silicone, this clever toy’s powerful motor offers 6 patterns and 3 intensity levels for customisable pleasure. It’s easy grip exterior makes it simple to find the perfect position, just splash the inside of the toy with water-based lube before using and enjoy extra sensual lifelike sensations.

Does it work?

So I could not test this myself obviously not owning a penis so had to rope in a trusty tester that does have one. So from initial looking at the toy he liked that it had a lock safe feature so it cannot turn itself on in your bag/case alerting everyone to you smuggling a sex toy through security. On the actual use of it though he was not as impressed as he hoped. It’s quite small so only the top 1/3 of the penis fits in so it’s only for head stimulation. It’s also quite tight so you need a lot of lube but this creates the weirdest sound as you move the toy up and down mimicking what can only be politely described as a bad case of wind! For comedy value this is great but its not sexy. He did however like the snug warm fit but described the sensation more of a spa for your willy than a toy that’s going to help you reach climax.

Play Accessories 

Whether you are playing with a partner(s) or by yourself there is no reason not to look the part, good sex is as much about setting the scene as the act itself so bedroom attire is essential whether a gift from another or to yourself. 

Lovehoney Black Lace Babydoll Gift Set – on sale for £20.00

Skip the stress of separate sizes and bestow your beloved with the gift of gorgeous, curve-skimming lingerie that fits. Containing a beautiful, halter neck black lace babydoll and tie-side lace knickers, along with a gift envelope, it’s a one-size wonder. Let your lover sneak a peek at your body through the sheer mesh skirt or lace cups, before you turn to expose the flyaway back and sheer knickers cupping your bottom. With this set you can treat them to a sexy striptease that starts with the included blindfold for sizzling seduction.

LHM Black Satin Boxer Shorts – £12.99

Comfy, luxurious and ultra-sexy, these satin boxers feel good and look even better. Pop them under clothes for exceptional comfort, or bring them out for wild nights in. Designed to sit low on the hips, the loose-fit style gives your junk plenty of room, while the elasticated waistband keeps them ultra-comfortable. These are the perfect pants to surprise your lover in, they make a brilliant final act to a sexy striptease. Chippendales eat your heart out!


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