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Skincare: From Face to Foof

by Lis-Marie Liden

I am not the best at tending to my skincare as much as I should, I have all the opportunities but when I wake up it is normally a deal breaker between a flawless skin care routine or that first oh so important cup of coffee.

I do struggle with applying any cream before my mineral powder foundation, I know I will annoy a lot of professionals out there by saying that, but I often find that the cream just doesn’t absorb fast enough and my powder foundation looks more like carnival makeup. Having that said, I do try and I am always looking for that perfect product. That product that can rejuvenate my skin taking years of this blondes appearance. I’m looking for that skincare that keeps my skin hydrated through the day or that product that overnight allow my skin to almost be reborn.

So in that vain I tried three products by Dr. Levy Switzerland, these products are proven to revitalise the dermal stem cells which will give a smoother and firmer appearance. Basically reversing the signs of ageing. Yes please!

As I’m writing this I am glowing! I have seen major results, and they are so easy to use. Even my neighbour saw a difference. One of the products I saw improvements within a day, I kid you not.

The creator Dr Phillip Levy is a laser and wound specialist and wanted to create a product to basically re-boots the cells. The products formula is proven to stimulate, protect and nourish your skin’s own regeneration.

I started out by using the Intense Booster Serum, this product is non sticky and it absorbs quickly, a little goes a very long way so please be sparse with the product. You are advised to wait for a moment before moving on to the next step. I could tell that my face was blushing a bit but it’s not uncomfortable and this I think is my favourite product as I saw such good results super fast.

After having waited for a moment I then went on to apply the Enriched Booster Cream, again a little goes a long way and it really soothes the skin. These two products are recommended to be used together twice a day for best results. I am not going to lie, I might have missed a morning or two, but I am still super pleased with the results.

I also received the R3 Cell Matrix Mask, this can be used for those days when your skin just needs an extra boost. This mask is supercharged with vitamins and antioxidants which will help the dermal stem cells. It has Vitamin C, Retinol and Hyaluronic which we know are all great for your skin. The texture and how it looked on my face felt more like a normal face cream but in a good way. Sometimes masks can feel quite dry and dense. After a nice 20 minute break and a glass of wine you simply remove by using a bit of water and then a cotton pad to gently wipe off. The nice part of this mask is that it can be used wherever you need a boost on hands, face or chest.

Now if I really want to dive deeper into skincare exfoliation is very important. I received a product that I have seen on social media called the Silky Bae Skin Exfoliator. This one caught my eye because I’m kind of a novice when it comes to these types of machines, I mean I had my first Hydrafacial last year.

So I actually had a bit of a rough start. I actually tried it on my make-up free but dry face to begin with and it wasn’t super comfortable. Lesson learned, and after softening my skin with a nice hot towel I tried again.

This nifty machine will clean your pores, remove blackheads, help give your skin a smoother appearance and it is non invasive. It comes with six different replaceable heads depending on area you want to work on but also how strong you want to go.

Myself being a young thirty something woman focused mostly on the elliptical beauty suction head which is great for fine lines and promotes blood circulation and increases skin elasticity. But another option is the Microcrustalline suction head, which I can imagine is a popular one as it really helps to smoothen skin and promote elasticity.

It is a fun product to use and there is such versatility with the options of exchanging suction head. I was quite blushed for a good 30 minutes after, so I don’t recommend doing this before going on that first date with the hot new man or before any important meeting at the office. But if it’s just an evening of self maintenance then go for it, and when it need charging you simply connect it via USB to your computer, how niffy is that?

Ok so we have focused on our face, but ladies, we are forgetting a very important area, so let’s go even lower. No need to be hush hush about this, and also, I am fairly sure many of us aren’t necessarily focusing on this area as much as we should. Fear not for I have ventured in to the world of skincare to beautify the V area.

Whether you chose to go Hollywood, Brazilian or stay natural just trimming for that bikini season, we all know we can easily get razor burns, dry patches or ingrown hairs. We are talking about having a Vanicure, using a beauty range of products from The Perfect V.

The packaging is super chic and shelf worthy for sure. I received the VV Beauty Sheets for cleansing, you also have the Gentle Wash but if your an “on the go” lady the sheets are super handy as they fit into your bag easily. I also tried the Very V Serum, the serum rejuvenates and revitalises the skin but also evens out skin tone. It helps to prevent those possible ingrown hairs and adds a soft glow. After that, and hope I did this in the right order, I went on to use the Shades Of V Luminizer Cream. Part of the result is hidden in the name, it aluminises the bikini area but can also be used all over your body. It has Vitamin E and Seaweed extract to help sooth the area.

Something that made me smile was that these products are inspired by Scandinavia and Nordic Purity, but also by how Scandinavian women often feel comfortable and carefree in their own skin, after all we are known for skinny dipping on occasion. The products are filled with gorgeous ingredients such as Arctic Cloudberry, which is very hard to come by, just saying. Lingonberry, Bilberry, Sea Buckthorn, Rosa Canina fruit oil and Elderflower. Such gorgeous ingredients.

So with these skin care products and machines I think I might just come out of isolation looking younger and fresher than ever, a new me, from face to foof!


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