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Spring Beauty Prep

by Lis-Marie Liden

Spring is almost here so I’m back with another bundle of amazing products that you need to know about to get spring skin ready. We are going to be looking at products for your hair, body and more gorgeous skincare, so without any further ado let’s dive in shall we . . .

Face masks could probably be one of my favourite pamper time things, I like the idea of nourishing ingredients having the time they need to soak in and do their job. Also they are so easy to just apply and then get on with a task; hoovering, doing your nails or singing along to your favourite 90’s ballads, might just be me but still.

The first mask I tried is the Rescue Mask from Eve Lom, the name tells you a lot, it is there to save your skin. It helps keep your skin hydrated for longer and is great for oily to combination skin. I am prone to breakouts and have very oily skin so any help to level this down is super welcome. It also helps to purify and improve texture of your skin. I love the freshness of this mask, it is truly refreshing as you smooth it on. It’s made of Kaolin Clay, which dries on your face, but not at all in an overly tightening way. We also see Camphor, Ground Almonds and Honey all with their own job to do to allow your skin to find calmness.

The next mask speaks to me in several ways but more than anything it would have to be because it contains Nordic Birch Sap; small side note is that I’m from a City called Umeå which is also known as The City of Birch trees. Moving along, I am referring to Ole Henriksen and their Phat Glow Facial, which is a fun one as it changes colours when applying, thus telling you when it’s ready to work it’s magic. It goes from a subtle Pink into pure white. It also has a very subtle fragrance so it’s not overwhelming in any form.  It is known as your “Stay at home facial” due to its ingredients helping with exfoliation, illumination and age fighting. There are some really nice ingredients inside this mask but the ones that intrigued me the most is the Polyhydroxy Acid which helps to even out skin tone and texture and The Birch Sap which helps to hydrate and nourish, very interesting indeed and a great product to clean and rehydrate. 

Serums are a thing I am getting much more used to adding to my routine, I was barely moisturising twice a day previously, I’m proud to say I’m doing better and my skin thanks me for it. I have previously written about K-Beauty which is short for Korean beauty and this time I am reviewing two ampoules from COSRX.

The first one made my heart smile because the vial instantly reminded me of a beehive. It is the Full Fit Propolis Light Ampoule. This little vial holds 83% of Black Bee Propolis extract, sense the beehive look. It’s highly moisturising without becoming sticky or leaving a film on your skin. COSRX have kept it simple and minimise the amount of ingredients leaving only what is truly needed to aid your skin. It will help reduce inflamed and red skin, support and smoothen texture. 

I also received the Hydrium Centella Aqua Soothing Ampoule, and if you are a K-beauty fan you will have no doubt heard about Centella Asiatica as an ingredient. It is a herb grown in Asia and is known for being an antioxidant and it is also a great source of Amino acids. This serum is slightly lighter, which I sometimes prefer, but it still gives instant deep moisture with anti inflammatory properties and gives your skin a great base.

I have been bad when it comes to scrubs and really don’t know why, and especially after trying two products from Tam Mason I really don’t know why!

I started with their Body Scrub that comes in this sweet glass jar, and it looks tasty, but this is not for eating despite the tempting smell. Inside you will find a Mandarin and Lime body scrub with Green Coffee Oil and organic sugar for the scrubbing. You start by mixing it up a bit with a sweet little wooden spoon to make sure it’s blended together. And then you take the amount you want to use and scrub away. I don’t even know how to describe how soft my skin was after, and long lasting softness at that.

They also have hand scrubs which works in the same way. It comes in a handy tin container with the same cute spoon. Easy to take with you wherever you’ll be going. Nowadays with the assault of all this hand washing the hand scrub is a lifesaver. You will be astounded by the softness it leaves behind.

If you have read my previous articles you’ve probably heard me joke lovingly about my very fine Scandinavian locks. I usually maintain highlights two to three times a year but well, not at them moment. Luckily my hair is happy and thriving, it’s longer than it’s been since childhood and before I started styling and colouring. But it still is fragile and need all the nourishment it can get.

So along comes the 360 Hair Health Plan from Kerahealth, this is a kit to maximise the health of both scalp and hair both from the inside but also through outside support. The one I have is a four step system including KeraHealth Hair Woman, a supplement that target hairless and stimulates hair growth on a cellular level and promotes hair strength amongst other amazing benefits. Take two tablets with a meal and you’re started.

I then continue my treatment with the Follicle Hero Shampoo and Conditioner, the fragrance is so lush and the products feel amazing. The Follicle Hero Shampoo contains Keratin, Biotin and coconut oil which gently purifies and cleanses your hair. Moving on to the Follicle Hero Conditioner, I don’t want to pick a favourite but this part is probably it. You see to go along with the conditioner I also received the Scalp Energiser Tool, this is to help you gently massage your scalp while allowing the conditioner to work. This not only helps circulation and exfoliates your scalp but it really does help reduce stress. Amazing. I had the pleasure to have a zoom chat with Fay, the Co-Founder, and it was interesting to hear about the journey behind this amazing bundle of products and how she changed careers to create the brand.

I am looking forward to seeing my hair improve even more than it already has with these products. I can definitely see that I’m losing less hair and my drains are happy but not as happy as me!

Continuing on this hair journey, I also tried Shampoo and Conditioner from Guava & Gold. The bottles look like gorgeous golden statues in my shower. The Coco & Cherimoya Shampoo praised in the Beauty Shortlist awards for 2020 has the most enchanting fragrance. I found myself mid workout trying hard to concentrate but was distracted by this amazing fresh fragrance in my hair. In all the best ways of course, it’s nice to still have this refreshing aspect even after a hard HIIT class. Nurturing and glossy, containing coconut fruit extract, avocado and manuka oil, the fragrance will take you on a little tropical walk; coconut, peachy cherimoya, citrus bergamot, pink magnolia, sweet vanilla orchid and tonka bean. Isn’t that just like a poem? After having tried shampoo’s before and learning how I like them this one certainly passes the test. It lathers but not over the top nor should it, a little goes a long way. I also received their matching conditioner which continued to set the bar, equally fragrant and refreshing. This one is best when left in for just a few minutes giving you time to finish the chorus of your shower song. It helps to ease detangling after shower and leaves me with a nice volume.

So I have washed my hair but maybe I have some taming to do. My hair is a little unruly at times, however the Olew Curl Defining Gel is here to support. Wait a minute, but my hair isn’t curly, fret not. It is also absolutely stunning to use to tame stray aways and that was my mission. But if you are blessed with curls, this will help define them. Ingredients inside will support hair growth and boost your curls. It prevents moisture loss and helps reduce split ends. And my favourite thing and something I think hair always needs support with that it helps protect your hair from the environment.

We all have secrets, A Stylist’s Secret is one that I have uncovered. I received the 24 Hour Minute Volume Duo. Bring on the volume I say! These two will both bring you that coveted lift but are used in different ways. The Styler you add on wet hair, run it through and then blow dry for that volume. Helps control those strands without any weigh down. And for us beanie or hat wearing people, it will help avoid static, thank god. The Volume is a spray that you can spray on both wet or dry hair, on dry hair you can revive your volume and add thickness. For best results spray on your roots and blow-dry, for that va va voom, just turn your head upside down and go.

So face, body, hair  . . .  I feel like new woman already and I am loving it. I am all ready for Spring and hopefully getting out in front of people again.


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