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Spring Beauty: Top to Toe

by Lis-Marie Liden

The winter has passed and I am finally starting to slowly emerge from my slight hibernation. I am not the biggest fan of winter – I mean, I moved from an actual winter wonderland and now I happily live without snow and -25 degree temperatures. But even without the snow and the never-ending darkness, it’s inevitable that our skin and overall wellness takes a little hit if we’re not supportive of it.

Dry skin, limp hair and just a bigger lack of those important vitamins can have a big impact through the colder months. Now that spring is finally here, it is time to go back to my normal more lively self, so I happily accepted a beautiful package of items to bring me back to life.

The first item and one that intrigued me a lot was the LQ Liquid Health Skin Hair & Nails liquid supplement. This is a small 50ml vial filled with gorgeous active ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, biotin and resveratrol, amongst many others. One vial has more active ingredients than 10-12 supplement pills would, and it’s such an easy way to get all that goodness into your body with an easy shot. It’s so incredibly convenient, with it being a liquid shot it’s also absorbed faster, digested easier and better optimised. I liked the idea of taking this little vial every morning and I definitely feel that my skin is less dry and my hair seems happier (and that’s always a struggle with having thin Scandinavian locks!).So continuing onto the skin, it’s always hard to find that product that works for your individual skin. I can’t have creams that are too rich, because I will break out like my 15 year old self did back in the day. In this beauty bundle, I received the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré, which is a multi-function nourishing moisturiser. It’s rich but not clogging, and can be used in three different ways; make-up artists use it as a primer, moisturiser and even as a make-up remover. I mostly ended up using it as a classic moisturiser, but I did also try another suggestion. You see, they say it can also be used as a face mask to help repair that winter skin. And oh, so smooth my skin felt! It’s filled with gorgeous essential fatty acids and vitamins and has been a favourite of dermatologists for decades. Embryolisse stems from Paris and was created in the 1950s when a hospital dermatologist, unable to find a product to meet his requirements, created the milk-cream concentrate.

For those days when I really wanted to treat my skin, I also had the Daytox Vitamin C Serum. Serums are nice as they serve as healthy base for all skin routines; use this one by applying 3-4 drops and massaging it into your face, neck and chest. The Daytox Vitamin C serum helps brighten your skin instantly, so it’s a great pick me up before getting on with your day. After a certain age, who doesn’t want to look plumper, firmer and younger with a balanced skin tone? The sad truth is that with the pollution in the world today and our skin being our biggest organ, we really need all the support we can get to keep it healthy and Daytox helps your skin recover from all that stress.Right, so my face is happy and feeling radiant. What about my hair? Something annoying about Scandinavian hair is that it seems to take massive offence when I want to style it or blow-dry it – basically anything with a heat setting and it just protests, it seems.

In this bundle, I received the Design.ME PowerDry.Me. and this product has quickly become a favourite. It is a microemulsion which forms a kind of protective layer around the hair fibres, aligning them better and in turn preventing entrapment of water molecules due to tangling. If you have very wet hair, the product will help the water to turn into beads and not soak into the hair, which means that the water is removed easier. This will essentially speed up the drying process so your hair won’t need to be subjected to the heat of the blow dryer for so long, and that will make your hair less distressed! The spray also helps detangle while brushing, supports with heat and UV protection, conditions hair and smells absolutely divine! It has a kind of vintage dusty rose smell – at least that’s what I picked up and I love it. I would normally avoid using a hair dryer majority of the time but with this product I don’t fear the heat on my hair as much anymore.Last but absolutely not least, the nails. They need care too! I will most likely never be seen without perfectly painted nails but, as much as it looks good, now and again the nails need to breath and reboot. With wearing base coat, colour and top coat it sometimes is a bit of a nuisance to remove and still have a healthy looking nail underneath. I received the Nail Scrubbers by Butter London, and didn’t really know what to expect. These handy individually wrapped wipes work in two ways. Firstly they work as a nail primer; before starting your application of varnish these are great to prepare the nail. You simply wipe the nail and remove whatever might be on there that can ruin your application. Secondly, you can also use it as a nail varnish remover. Even better, they are so conveniently packaged that you can bring them on your travels. I mean I never have enough space to bring a bottle of remover, cotton pads and all that on my trips. I am so pleased I have been introduced to these – on my annual Italian holiday I can now wear nail varnish and not stress about bringing all the add-ons with me.

With top to toe care I am now ready for spring and summer, so bring it on.


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