Stuart Phillips

by Emily Healey-Lynham

Stuart Phillips on Monmouth Street opened nearly twenty years ago. The celebrity hairdresser has worked on the heads of everyone from the Sex and the City’s Mr Big (Chris Noth) to singer Beverley Knight and was once in the Guinness World Record Book for creating the most expensive haircut for the cost of £8,000.

Stuart Phillips prestigious salon is recognised as a global industry leader through their sophisticated haircuts, colours and styling techniques. From Stuart’s international artistic team of award-winning stylists to the eclectic fusion of opulent services and unrivalled standards, Stuart Phillips salon promises you an exclusive salon experience like no other. I had the pleasure of going along to Monmouth Street for a cut by the great man himself.

Stuart began his hairdressing career at the age of 16, training at Vidal Sassoon. After qualifying aged 19, Stuart travelled to Australia and worked as an International Hair Stylist in Sydney’s top hair salons. Stuart’s travels then took him to Asia, including Japan and Indonesia, where he developed his knowledge and experience in the art and methods of holistic hairdressing. This approach inspired Stuart to open his own salon in the UK, offering an eclectic mix of eastern versus western style, which has helped him win various accolades including awards from L’Oréal Professional ‘Colour Trophy Award for London’ and Cosmopolitan magazine’s ‘Outstanding Talent in British Hairdressing’ award.The salon has a prime spot in Covent Garden, situated opposite the exclusive Covent Garden Hotel, and inside the salon it’s simple, clean and non intrusive.  All of the staff on the front desk were polite, bubbly and helpful, the waiting area is comfortable and filled with up to date magazines and a TV screen, while great music plays so you become relaxed and chilled for your session with the hairdresser.

The haircut started with a consultation from Stuart, who looks at the shape of each client’s face before recommending a style that suits them most. After settling on a shape and plan it was over to the basin for a quick wash with L’Oréal products and you are spoilt with comfortable couches at the sinks which are a second draw to this salon! Lying back on the comfortable chairs (which elevated back into a chaise longue) I enjoyed an amazing head massage by Chloe and drifted off into a meditative state! Then it was time to sit back in the chair for the cutting to begin with Stuart.The haircut took some time as Stuart really cares for each cut he makes and time is no problem. In fact, I was there when everyone else had gone home! Stuart created a soft feminine haircut that I could wear back or forward and I can guarantee you will LOVE the Stuart Phillips encounter as much as I did because you leave the salon feeling a million dollars. The impressive skill he used was immense and although a lot of hair came off my head (probably five inches) it was a joy to look in the mirror at the end and feel gorgeous.

I was impressed with Stuart’s honesty and his willingness to try different designs and asking my opinion too, so I was not forced into a cut I would not like. I loved the experience and wish that all hair designers were so talented and professional. It’s the best hairdressing experience I have ever had. Stuart is very knowledgeable, approachable, funny and made me feel totally at ease.

I liked how Stuart explained his work as he went along explaining the techniques and the products. He concentrates on YOU and you alone, and makes you feel that he treats all us clients exactly the same as he treats his ‘celebs’ – truly a first. After a blow dry, I was ready to go and hit the town on a high, feeling good with my new luscious locks!If you want to see more of his work be sure to check out his YouTube channel and pop by for a chop, who knows who might be sitting in the next chair! I feel very lucky being able to get such incredible service and have such wonderfully shiny glossy hair and a super cut.

I recommend a visit – with such TLC and a fantastic salon, tres cool without being over pretentious. Stuart’s skill is in understanding that each haircut is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’. This is a salon where you get a hairdresser who doesn’t just give you the cut he knows or wants to do; he will tailor it to your face shape, your personality and your lifestyle, sublime.

Stuart Phillips
25 Monmouth Street


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