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Summer Fragrance Roundup

by Lis-Marie Liden

I have always had a love for fragrances, I started out fresh and fruity in my 20’s then moved on to a more mature, dark and mysterious style in my 30’s. Imagine this picture, you are going out for a dinner, a movie or maybe drinks with your dames, the outfit is fierce and on point and your last touch . . . is your fragrance.

Our fragrance is just as much a player in the game of our total image, and I personally don’t believe we are supposed to just limit ourselves to one either. One day you might feel like you want to keep it lighter and as your style might differ from casual to dressy, so could and I feel should your fragrance.

For instance, at work I don’t wear the same fragrance I would when going out. On a day off I still like to smell nice but might not go for my most precious gem. So I believe in a fragrance wardrobe if you would. And something I learned from a very kind sales associate was that I need to allow the fragrance to sit and transform through the notes on my skin before deciding if it’s for me. Walk around for 20 minutes and then see if you like it, she said. So that has become my way of learning what works for me.

However I do like a gifted fragrance as well, I imagine the person trying to find the scent they think I am, and that warms my heart. So I do own a few that maybe I wouldn’t have found had it not been a gift, and I’d like to think I work them in nicely in to my image. So, I have been testing some amazing fragrances ready for summer, and all are telling a story of their own.

The first brand I started to familiarise myself with is called Stories. I received fragrance, hand and body wash as well as hand and body lotion. This is something I recommend, take your fragrance all the way, it helps to have this chain of events with your fragrance, it just seals in deeper.

Stories have created two beautiful scents all the while keeping a strong eye on limiting their carbon footprint. This is done in the ways of refillable glass bottles, raw paper labels and sustainable packaging throughout. The packaging is made in a way which you can easily remove the insert and use the box for whatever your heart desires, and if you look at the lid, you can read the story about that particular fragrance. You have options when treating yourself, maybe you need travel size or maybe you need to stock up at home, either way Stories has you covered.

Let’s dive into the fragrances. Stories Nº 02 Eau De Parfum, it opens strong and quite spicy, think bergamot, ginger amongst others, then moves on to honey tobacco and cedarwood and then on to amber and musk. The story behind this fragrance is a memory of days when Tonya Kidd-Beggs, Founder and Creative Director, was walking through her grandfather’s garden, barefoot as a child. The flowers, the feeling of the grass and the sound of the stream. I love that there’s an actual story being told to you.

We then have Nº 01, I only mention this coming in second because I started my journey with Nº 02. We now move on to a story of sadness turning into beauty and giving way to brighter days. It’s softer more romantic. This is all inspired by some of Tonya’s most painful memories in a small village in the French Riviera. Stories Nº 01 holds citrus, grapefruit and orange blossom amongst others, then moves on to a touch of jasmine and cedarwood, fig-tea and then all of a sudden you can feel the amber, sandalwood and vetiver. It transforms beautifully and when you know the story behind it it makes it so precious, you really just feels like you travel along.

The next fragrance journey I went on was with Art De Parfum . . . pure french sophistication. I received six very different scents and I won’t go into all of them because then you’ll have to get cosy, put the kettle on and make time for an essay. But I will tell you about my favourites.

Art De Parfum is an independent ethical brand founded by Ruta Degutyte, supporting us all to be our absolute true self, to not fall in line, to not be afraid to stand out and walk our own path. She creates fragrances that are friendly to our environment and you. She creates fragrances that helps you make moments happen, how interesting is that?

The one that really grabbed me first was the Sensual Oud, this is not like the very strong Oud fragrances that sometimes can feel fairly overpowering. This is dark and woody, spicy and mysteriously sophisticated. This fragrance speaks to me! My second choice is also their limited edition, Encore One Fois, it means “one more time”, so sexy. But oh my, once the batch they have made runs out, then that’s it. No more will be produced of this scent. I will hold on to mine tightly. You should hurry to get your hands on your own. It’s such a great mix of freshness, bringing you deeper, darker peppery and woody, there is a real depth to this fragrance. And it is also inspired by the Poem written by John Mark Green, on their website you can read it, I recommend it.

OK, so there was one that had me completely at awe, and that is Gin and Tonic, I sprayed it on and actually went straight to my neighbours because it smells just like someone poured me the most perfect Gin and Tonic. Touches of grapefruit peel, juniper and that slice of cucumber. Right there in a fragrance. I was blown away.

The last but definitely not least of the fragrances is Gingerlise by J.U.S, in it’s a fun green sleek bottle which fully reusable.

Gingerlise is spicy, but still fresh. It reminds me of something from my childhood, can’t put my finger on exactly what but it makes me smile. Inside we have Madagascar Ginger root, pink peppercorns and leaves, Angelica roots, Fig Accords and then Absinthe. Gingerlise is created by Alexandra Carlin, she creates her fragrances like a writer creates a book, inspired by scenarios, places and sensations, but she also finds her inspiration in movement such as dance.

You have eleven different J.U.S fragrances to choose from all in equally fun bottles in cheerful colours, think pop art. These fragrances are created by different Perfumers telling their own story by drawing from their talents such as designer, illustrator and glassmaker amongst so many.

At J.U.S they create perfume for everyone, they don’t differentiate between cologne or Eau de Parfum, it’s a Parfum for all of us. I hope you will check them out, I’m sure you will find one that speaks to you like Gingerlise speaks to me. They also have a discovery kit to help you with your choice.

Now my only problem is, which of these amazing fragrances will I choose to complete my look of the day this summer?


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