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I love a good scented candle and one in every room please! So when I received a natural and organic botanical candle from Sun.Day, well I lit it instantly of course.

It has a subtle scent that travels beautifully throughout the room without being overpowering but still enough to linger for a while. I received the Midnight Somewhere candle with hints of Lavender, Rose Geranium, Lemon, Lime and Orange. The citrus scents are more prominent than I thought they would be but in a good way, I have such an interesting blend and balance between Flower and fruit.


Sun.day’s candles are made up of aromatherapy oils, coconut wax and GMO-free wax topped off with a 100% pure cotton wick. Everything is pure organic with no synthetic ingredients in sight. One process that really makes this brand divine is that one of the collections that Sun.day makes uses recycled cider bottles that they have sourced from local pubs and friends to make the glass container the candles are in, what an amazing touch, and super eco!

When I received my candle it was inside a small burlap bag that made it feel even more special, inside I saw this sweet dark brown little glass with a minimalistic label. It is so much about presentation these days and Sun.day really knows how to make their candles stand out.

The philosophy behind Sun.day has been passed down through generations stemming back from a family living on the mountain side making healing salves, teas and soaps from hand picked herbs and botanicals. All products are Vegan and environmentally friendly and Sun.day firmly believe there should be no harmful things in your home fragrances. With all the pollution and harmful things around us today I am happy to have my Sun.day candle providing non-toxic and healthy scent to my home. I see many cozy evenings ahead with my Midnight Somewhere candle.

For more information or to purchase a Sun.Day Candle see online.


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