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Sunday Roast at Galvin Hop


Sunday Roast. The most cherished of British traditions. No one to this day has ever been known to turn their nose up at it. Its is a fact. Another cast iron fact for you is that no one makes a better Sunday roast than your mother.

However, the only brothers in the world to have a Michelin stars to their name, Chris and Jeff Galvin, have for the past ten years been providing punters with a very commendable crack at rubbishing my second fact for you.

Situated in Spital Square, London, Galvin Hop is a great bistros bar with all you can expect from a proper non-carvery Sunday roast. Staff are attentive without being overbearing and seem genuinely happy to be at your service. We were sat down within an original and flamboyant setting and were soon offered a drink to whet our appetite. As a somewhat stickler for tradition I declined the offer of sparkling wine to begin but tucked in to a Bloody Mary. You know it wakes up those Sunday taste buds and you know it also counts as one of your five a day too.

galvin hop inside
galvin roast

First to arrive on our table was delicious mushroom croquettes. Described by my wife, a real life connoisseur and somewhat a veteran of the humble croquette as: possessing the right amount of crunch before an explosion of cheese and then the divine earthy flavours of the mushroom hits you. This is what I love about dining at Michelin star winning restaurants. It turns people hysterically loopy. So top marks here for the first course.

An unexpected precursor to what we were here for was the Alsacienne tart flambée topped with pancetta and further cheese. While my dining partners went for more crisp bubbly, I stuck to unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell. Thirst quenching but not gassy and in no way appetite repressing.

After a pleasant pause in proceedings, the main event was soon upon us. Galvin’s famous Sunday roast which would do their mother’s proud. Beef was the only option but that was not an issue. Perfectly pink, perfectly tender and served with al dente greens and glazed carrots. Roasties were served at optimum fluffiness. And then. The Yorkshire; never before has a Yorkshire received such universal praise. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it was doughy yet light and soaked up the gravy marvellously.

Finishing this second instalment of a splendid feast we were not quite ready, nor comfortable to move. Our glasses of wine were constantly topped up with delicious house wine while we contemplated pudd.

Pudding, due to the wide choices we were faced with we went for a selection of which we shared. Blood Orange Cheese Cake, Creme Brûlée with poached rhubarb and pistachio and Chocolate Tart with Bailey’s ice cream.

The cheesecake was punchy and palate cleansing, the creme brûlée was light and the added crunch of pistachio was welcome. The chocolate tart, always a classic in my books was decadent and warming.

Galvin Hop is a great, unpretentious, yet chic place to gather on soggy Sunday, sunny Sunday, or any Sunday for that matter, to process your thoughts and celebrate the week previous and the week ahead. What a hoot!

Sunday Lunch at Galvin Hop can be booked online or direct at the restaurant.

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