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The Brody Studio

by Katarina Polonsky

The Brody Studios are a writers and artists haven, offering various events and bars, as well as a luscious restaurant. Situated just a 5 minute taxi ride from the Brody House, it is a multi-storey historic house that offers various spaces for different activities, including cocktail making nights, comedy nights, literary and art events, film clubs, music evenings and of course, bars and the restaurant.

The entrance to the stunning historic building evokes the Brody House hallway, yet is smaller, more intimate, and shows signs of mysterious activity with a velvet rope sequestering the studio reception. Creative and artistic, it made us feel we were entering a private members club indeed (Led Zepellin played here before, and we were of the knowledge that multiple Hollywood actors enjoyed dining here).Though the upper bar is staffed (and boasts fantastic cocktails, made uniquely for the studio by the staff), the lower bar is like the Honesty Bar – guests that hire out the venue for an event can help themselves to their own cocktails, and simply pay for the difference on the bottles that they use. Brilliant concept, and a fantastic way to render the bar and restaurant yet again, a home away from home.

The restaurant offers seasonal bistro dining with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. They offer breakfast, lunch, grazing menus and a full-day menu that can be enjoyed for dinner. From Thursday to Saturday, the chef offers a special menu that changes on a biweekly basis. Cocktails made with gourmet home made syrups and unique spirits can be enjoyed with the food, as well as a wide array of affordable wines – including Japanese wines, beers and mocktails.Our waiter, Daniel, greeted us with two glasses of the ever famous Hungarian sparkling wine Kreinbacher Brut Classic (delicious as always) before bringing us a small sharing starter cheese board to enjoy as we perused the menu. The bread was fresh, warm and crusty – delicious, served with highly enjoyable lightly salted butter. The cheese board featured typically Hungarian cheeses but also included a brie, and came garnished with dried fruits, grapes and delicious chutneys. It would have been enough for a starter to share between the two of us, but we were keen to try other starters, so regrettably couldn’t quite finish it – a good sign.

We decided to order a shared antipasti platter that showcased the finest of Hungarian delicacies, and were pleased it partnered well with the cheese board. The selection was broad and substantial, with delicious Hungarian relishes.

For the main, our waiter recommended Budapest’s ‘best burger’ – the Brody burger – which came in a brioche bun, with sweet potato wedges, and home made barbeque sauce. The meat was fantastic – rich but not fatty – and the garnishes complemented it well. Very moreish yet the portion size was just right.Post main, we enjoyed two desserts of the Peach semifreddo with the chocolate cookie and the Fruit verrine. The semifreddo was exceptional – ice-cream cold yet solid and with a crisp, airy texture as a semifreddo should. The peach lended it a fruity acidity that cut through it, and prevented it from being too heavy. The fruit verrine was lighter and with more fruit, thus more apt for those looking for a less indulgent dessert. The semifreddo comes highly recommended, though.

We enjoyed our two glasses of Hungarian Tokaji sweet wine with our desserts (brilliant as always) and coffees post meal.

The following evening, we felt compelled to return to the Brody Studios to watch their comedy show. Armed with two cocktails (I was craving a bloody mary – spicy and refreshing), we laughed until we cried in a room packed with guests and regulars at the Brody comedy show. Well worth attending if you are in town for a hilarious evening, featuring jokes catered to an international audience. Of course, the acts were famous too, keeping up with the Brody standards of artistry.

All in all, our experience at Brody Studios was brilliant. The food was simple, casual yet served to an extremely high standard. The venue was elegant, classy, expensive yet without the veneer of superficial nonsense that is so prevalent amongst private members clubs. The vibe was creative, artistic and inspiring yet down-to-earth in its creativity. The staff were kind and attentive, professional yet humorous. If you want a taste of the up and coming creative scene in Budapest whilst enjoying a high-end experience, come to Brody House. You won’t be disappointed.

Brody Studios
Vörösmarty u. 38
1064 Hungary


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