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The Gentleman dentist of Harley Street; Dr Andrew Gardiner

With an international client base, a clinic in the Welsh capital and a newly appointed clinic at the prestigious Harley Street alongside the Sobhani brothers; Dr Andrew Gardiner took time out of his busy schedule to catch up with us at The Bespoke Black Book. Dr Andrew Gardiner has patients that travel from afar to receive their dental care, including Alex Jones of The One Show and Dani St James – co-founder of ‘Not a Phase’ London, and Erin Richards, the lead actress in Gotham (who travels from New York) to name just a few.

Dr Andrew Gardiner is trained in Invisalign – a removable orthodontic system which is almost unnoticeable when worn, making it an attractive treatment option to correct misaligned teeth, as you can imagine the recent surge in cosmetic procedures it the ‘zoom boom’ has meant he is busier than ever. Veneers were traditionally used for perfect smiles, which potentially could kill the tooth; Invisalign creates a less destructive effect and with the addition of bonding he creates beautiful smiles with minimal problems. He also has extensive training in facial aesthetic treatments, such as facial fillers and line reduction, and has been performing them for over 11 years. As well as offering this treatment as a cosmetic option, Andrew gains great pleasure in using this technique to help augment cleft lip scarring, which can have a negative effect on a person’s confidence. Not only does facial aesthetic treatment help rejuvenate a patient’s facial appearance but also has a huge benefit to a person’s self-esteem and wellbeing.

With this in mind, I met Dr Andrew Gardiner for a catch up and consultation, previously I have only had a touch of botox in my forehead and previously for my Bruxism, but having been recommended to see him, I decided it was time for a refresher as I am 40 next year. After a consultation, he suggested two appointments, first for anti wrinkle injections in the my forehead and second for fillers and anti wrinkle injections for the masseters.

dr Gardiner
Inside 107 Harley Street

On my first visit to 107 Harley Street I was immediately impressed with the location and the clinic on the 1st floor. Clean, modern and totally NOT traditional Harley Street decor. I was greeted by Dr Andrew Gardiner who was warm, pleasant and courteous, we then went into his consultation room for the treatment. My first visit he did botox in my forehead, he does this so at the 2nd appointment he can check the placement and progress so if any tops ups are required he can do it then. The appointment was quick, professional and it was also lovely to chat to him more about his work.

At my second appointment he inspected the botox from appointment one and made tweaks and top ups where needed, he also used botox to relax my masseters as I suffer from Bruxism and this really helps. We then moved on to filler. Now I have never been a super fan of filler, I worry it will change my face too much and I also don’t want that overdone Love Island/TOWIE look but Dr Andrew put me at ease telling me “less is more” and he only ever enhances what is already there. We started with the lips, which can be painful but Dr Andrew uses a numbing cream to ease that. He just enhanced the cupid’s bow, upper lip line and the lower lip line in the middle to even out my lips – no trout pout here just refreshed symmetrical lips. Next he did the tear troughs, this adds volume under the eyes to remove those dark circles and removes that sunken look. He uses a cannula so as not to make multiple entry points, it also helps reduce the pain and helps to be more exact with the placement of the filler. Ten mins later and all done, it looked great, again not “done” just refreshed under the eyes so I looked less tired and drawn. Lastly he did the cheeks and jaw, again using a cannula so he could be more precise with less filler. He very delicately built structure, taking my jaw and cheeks back by 1o years but without anything over exaggerated; the result was natural but defined. Dr Andrew uses STYLAGE® as his chosen filler, it is a range of innovative monophasic cross-linked injectable dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid and antioxidants: Mannitol or Sorbitol. Made by aesthetic leader VIVACY, the filler is made with their advanced patented IPN-Like Technology.

As Dr Andrew Gardiner had been highly recommended to me, and after meeting the man himself, I was not disappointed, not only is he the ultimate professional, he’s utterly charming and makes you feel at ease through all the procedures. I loved the final result that knocks off a good 5 if not 10 years BUT without looking done or fake.

At Bespoke Black Book we are fortunate to work with some of the best professionals in their field, and aesthetics is always much talked about subject; whether it’s for aesthetics or medical purposes Dr Andrew Gardiner is the first to consider the psychological effect as well as the physical and that includes clients from all walks of life. We touched on his work with Dani St James and the charity ‘Not a Phase’ earlier in our editorial. Supporting the lives of trans+ adults across the UK is the core message of Not a Phase, a small charity that is working towards a brighter future for the community. Through awareness campaigning, developing company diversity strategies and supporting trans+ owned business and projects with financial and material investment, Not A Phase aims to bridge the gaps that the trans+ and gender nonconforming community too often fall between. 

Being given the opportunity to work in the trans community has been one of the most fulfilling parts of my work, but more importantly my life”.

This is where Aesthetics and Dentistry from Dr Andrew’s point of view can change lives, providing confidence and self esteem throughout what could be the most challenging part their transition, whatever stage they are at.

To book a consultation, or find out more Dr Andrew Gardiner can be reached on  [email protected]

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