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The New Zoom Call Etiquette

by Lorna Oakley

Maybe because it’s grey outside, or maybe it’s because we are all a little over lounge wear but I feel it’s time to glam up a bit. Combining this with the recent announcement of return of the eternally stylish ‘Sex and the City’ in my opinion we could be searching for a little bit of sparkle to brighten up the dull days right now. We’ve all had our ‘at home skincare routines’, some of us went down the route of a more natural look whilst at home, but now when we need a little cheeriness, what better than to add a little glamour to your Zoom calls whether for business or pleasure.

We may not be able to go to the salons right now (let’s not talk about the root situation at the moment please), but there are a few ways to upgrade those screen time scenarios. Firstly, starting from the top down, I was sent a piece from Pretty Magpie. They specialise in “hand crafted, statement hair accessories for all occasions”. Priding themselves on offering high quality, unique designs, they are made to order for you, alongside great customer service, the collection captured my gaze quite literally with a beautiful selection of the prettiest hair accessories. I was sent a headband from the Style Collection called Sunrise, its super Rock n Roll with gold studs and diamante embellishments so it feels young and fresh. It’s the perfect accessory for your Zoom call as you can sweep your hair back whether freshly washed or a few days old (and let’s be honest it’s likely to be the latter) and look fierce. It’s super shiny as well so perfect for reflecting light if you use a ring light for your calls and should dazzle whoever you are video conferencing with. There a reloads of styles and colours to fit all personalities so go have a look online.

On the subject of hair, if like me you can’t remember the last time it was cut, Champo’s latest hair oil is for you… 

Weightlessly smoothde-frizz and boost radiance without any silicones. This ultra-light finishing serum instantly tames flyaways, conceals split ends and revives moisture, leaving hair visibly healthier. Suitable for all hair types”. This is an amazing product, I have thick coarse coloured hair and it works without being too greasy, I used it at the front, along the hairline alongside the Pretty Magpie Hair band to smooth down fluffy bits, its looks shiny and sleek, perfect for Zoom.

Moving on, but still in the realms of unruly hair, hands up who’s eyebrows are not playing ball right now? If that’s a yes… welcome to my world, and my friends, I have the answer to lockdown brow drama. Did you also know that 70% of your facial expressions depend on your brows, too? This is why (amongst many other reasons) it is really worth spending the time on perfecting your brows.

I’ve not plucked my brows since before the first lockdown, combining that with a not so great microblading appointment means I constantly pencil my brows. From products smudging too much, to being to dark/fake, believe me I’ve tried loads. So, you can imagine my joy when a rather lovely package arrived from Shavata Singh London containing the most wonderful products.

Her clientele consists of high-profile celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson and Adele, just to name a few and I can see why. The quality is amazing, the superfine pencil meant you can literally draw hair fine colour and as it’s not greasy it doesn’t budge (side note – the highlighter is also a must have, this can be used day or evening and it’s a subtle layer of shimmer). I teamed this with a dewy combination of golds from Eye Candy, their palates are incredible with 12 shades and a new compact foundation I’ve been gifted.

This is incredible, I need to explain this one as I’m hooked on this product. Basically, I didn’t know that our skin can be damaged from the light that is created from your laptop or phone. I’ve been testing the new Heliocare 360 Colour Cushion Compact, it combines UV protection and light, dewy coverage in one innovative product AND it’s spf 50. 

The non-comedogenic formula contains Heliocare’s exclusive Fernblock FC technology alongside powerful antioxidants, to successfully defend the skin against UVA/UVB rays, free radicals, Visible Light, Infrared-A and DNA damage”. 

It also contains sheer makeup pigments to minimise the appearance of imperfections, making it the perfect alternative to foundation on minimal make-up days or for that Zoom call where you don’t want to slap it on. Thanks to the specialist cushion compact packaging, its suitable for all skin types, press the applicator pad into the cushion and lightly press onto the skin before or after applying makeup for that perfect smooth look.

I finished with a dusting of the English Mineral Company Fairy Godmother Dust,I have a confession here though, I did my usual not look at the instructions and was under the impression it was a highlighter… I was wrong. This multi-tasking darling is a truly unique product. It’s an amazing night-time skin treatment, use in the morning as a the perfect Primer under your foundation, or as a finishing veil over foundation.

Your complexion will be even more illuminated, lines softened and minimised, and your foundation will last beautifully.”

The Fairy Godmother will dramatically change the appearance of your skin. It reflects light and gives the appearance of fewer wrinkles and fewer fine lines, a smooth texture, giving the look of baby-soft skin. Although it’s in loose form, it’s filled with Jojoba, Green Tea extract, Rose-hip and Crushed pearls, antioxidants that nurture your skin – It didn’t disappoint!

Being clear (translucent), it’s suitable for all skin tones from the fairest to the deepest complexion. Blend with your regular mineral foundation, and the result is light coverage with beautiful light reflecting, moisturising properties. Perfect for adding some filter on that face for your Zoom call.

All of the above was finished with a coat of my fave Gucci lipstick.

It sounds like a lot of products when I list them out, but literally for the sake of 10-15 mins it was so nice for once in a long time to actually use lovely products and feel a bit polished. We may not be out of lockdown yet, but it’s lovely to plan for when we are and in the meantime you can looking sickening on your Zoom calls.


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