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The Organic Pharmacy Detox

by Lorna Oakley

Who else is feeling a little bit of lockdown lethargy? Combined with a mixture of my renewed love of cooking (white chocolate and rosemary cheesecake anyone? I’m taking orders) and a not so renewed vigour when it comes to training.

I’d been toying with a few different ideas for a bit of an overhaul with my health, I’m a good cook; I make everything from scratch where I can however, portion control right now and the odd zoom calls accessorised with Whispering Angel are not helping the cause or the bloated feeling right now.

Two weeks ago I received the newly relaunched The Organic Pharmacy’s bestselling 10 Day Detox – with new, improved formulas.

The updated kit also contains a detailed detox guide with nutritional plan and recipes, created in partnership with Farm Girl, a culinary sensation on London’s café scene.


While for some the term “detox” may still bring to mind fad dieting, depriving your body of food or drastic weight loss, the 10 Day Detox from The Organic Pharmacy is about supporting your body while helping it to gently cleanse and replenish the essential nutrients. The kit is a great way to optimise your health without putting additional, unnecessary pressure on your body (we put ourselves under enough stress already!).


Over time, everyday toxins (from our food, water and environment) can accumulate in our bodies preventing cells from functioning at their best. This may lead to us feeling constantly tired and suffer from sluggish metabolism, frequent headaches or skin disorders.


Detoxification is a multi-organ process, where all organs work in synergy to get rid of unwanted harmful compounds. The Organic Pharmacy 10 Day Detox supports all major organs involved in detoxification: liver, kidneys, skin and gut. The updated formula now contains higher doses of the most effective ingredients and was developed in partnership with Dr Claudia Gravaghi – nutritionist, scientist, pharmacist and formulator with BSc (Hons), PhD in Clinical Nutrition, Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and a degree in Nutrition and Health from British College of Nutrition and Health.


The results of 10 Day Detox can be further enhanced and prolonged with the help of the right nutrition.

The Organic Pharmacy invited chef Rose Mann of Farm Girl to create a nutritious meal plan that is part of the detailed guide, included in the kit. It provides ten days of varied and delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.

Ten days later and half a stone lighter, I’m feeling a lot less bloated and I’m totally smitten with the Farm Girl recipes and I’m definitely going to be making them more and maybe less cakes….

Just a thought, a rather positive one.

For more information see online at www.theorganicpharmacy.com

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