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The World’s End Market


Hailing from an idyllic village in Spain Jimenez de Jamuz, chef and El Caprico restaurant owner José Gordón brought his world class steak to The World’s End Market on Kings Road, Chelsea. The World’s End Market is a picturesque Grade 2 listed building with impressive character and charm.

The closed door early evening event started with ice cold champagne in buckets which I sipped while admiring the giant slabs of meat before me. I was lucky enough to be invited along to a private function at The World’s End Market, on Wednesday 30th November to showcase José Gordón’s delicious steaks and was perfectly complimented by a delicious wine pairing. José carved the meat at everyone’s table while we all crowded around to admire his excellent steak, as each slice was cut an appreciative silence filled the room as we watched the maestro at work. The closed door event started with ice cold champagne in buckets.

José Gordón’s new menu is becoming a permanent fixture at The World’s End Market and we were keen to try the delicious steaks. The tantalising new menu will include the tenderest cuts of his steaks that are matured for 180 days in olive oil. José lets the cows roam free on his fields for up to fifteen years, the resulting meat known as Buey, is greatly cherished in his home country of Spain. The amount of care and passion poured into his work comes across in his passion. José brought a translator to translate and describe how much love he has poured into his craft over the years.

José was the perfect host, laughing with all the guests while the courses came. We all enjoyed a range of his delicious specials including the cured ox leg Cecina de Buey to start. From the first bite the flavours bursted in my mouth, complimented by a delicious dry Spanish wine that was paired especially. After the first course, the guests were eager to find out what he had next.


The next course was a generous Carpaccio from the entrecôte matured for 180 days. A meat lover’s paradise which was cooked to perfection. I have enjoyed many steaks through the years and the trying entrecôte was an experience I will not soon forget.

José Gordón’s cooking talents were certainly not limited to the grill. He brought a deliciously meaty Steak Tartare which was juicy and succulent with each bite I took was there a way to top such a fantastic dish. The impressively titled Macio de Buey. I cut a piece of the perfectly grilled steak off and enjoyed the delicious character of the meat.

The masterpiece was next to come, eagerly awaited by all guests and José looked at us knowingly. The waiters who I have not mentioned until now were excellent and attentive as they brought us Premium Ox Steak; 90 days matured Chuleta de Buey accompanied by the finest Charcoal Grilled Spanish Red Peppers. I knew then that I had met the master of steak himself.


For dessert Granny smith apple sorbet, with delicious caramelized walnuts was served smooth and cold to the taste. There were still some surprises for us the cocktail mixologist gave us each a handcrafted La Luisiane the forgotten classis with bourbon, Benedictine and Italian vermouth and bitters. The perfect after dinner drink.

My evening at The World’s End Market was certainly one to remember with mouth wateringly tantalizing steak and perfectly paired Spanish wine. I will certainly be going back to The World’s End Market to indulge in another steak feast.

The World’s End Market
459 King’s Road
London SW10 0LR



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