Tide Brighton

by Sara Darling

For fancy fish and chips delivered to your door, Tide Brighton should be on speed dial. Whether you fancy a fish fillet burger, or fancy some shellfish, the new Cajun inspired menu from the team behind Lost in the Lanes now does weekend delivery.

Whether you want a romantic meal in, or a feast with your mates, the refreshing options from the chefs are perfect for sharing. Who knew you could do so much with seafood? The well thought out nibbles can be mixed and matched, and offer a unique way of spicing up your  Saturday night takeaway. And you don’t have to lift a (fish) finger-apart from to get some cutlery! 

I had invited a friend over to sample our Tide Brighton fishy feast and she was met with a fragrant waft of lemon and spice as I brought the rather large (eco friendly) bag into the flat. We’d opted for the Chef’s surprise, so didn’t know exactly what to expect, and the Mary Poppins-esque bag kept on giving! 

Combining local seafood with flavours of Southern America, everything on the menu is accentuated with added zing. Opting for more rather than less, we got to sample the boneless options from the popular street food menu (by my diva request!) which consisted of the most succulent southern fried bream fillets (in brioche buns) that I have ever tasted, spicy fish cakes, scored squid marinated in Cajun buttermilk, along with completely moreish fiery potato sides, an artichoke & samphire salad and a vegan option of a bold and fruity medium spiced curry with roasted vegetables, coconut milk, tomato, orange and ginger. Obviously, this was a little more than we bargained for – but the drinks were flowing and we were definitely feeling in the mood for a fiesta! 

As sharing plates go, there are countless options for fish fans to choose from, and we missed out on the rum caramel, chilli & lime king prawns and popcorn mussels – where the mussel meat is fried in a crispy Cajun style crushed popcorn coating, but there’s always next time! 

With all the seafood sustainably sourced, there’s a large chance that your dinner will have been caught and landed just a few hours before you eat it, but the team have boldly added a South American slant to differentiate it from your normal takeaway and really pack a punch. If the spice doesn’t win you over, the secret recipe southern fried coating will! 

Paired with generously sized, canned cocktails from Vacay Cocktail, you can transport yourself to Peru without leaving your Brighton staycation or if you’re lucky enough to live in Brighton and Hove, home! 

For more information or to order visit online.

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