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Timothy Oulton has had a love affair with materials ever since his father opened an antique shop close to Manchester in 1976. When he ten years ago founded his interior business he knew he wanted it to be about authenticity and delivering a solid genuine product to the customer, for both those reasons everything is hand made and reclaimed materials are often used in his pieces. Recently he bought a whole fleet of Chinese wooden ships that had been in use for between 60 to 100 years, they have all been carefully de-nailed by hand and all the nails are still saved with the thought they will come to use for something one day in one of their design processes, Timothy hates waste.

Some years ago Timothy moved to China to be closer to where their pieces are made, he has built a wooden gigantic dome with very low environmental impact (you can check it out on www.timothyoulton.com) right in the middle of a lychee garden. In Timothy Oulton they are also strong believers in the power of crystals hence they have a huge clear quartz (1.7 tonnes to be exact) in their flagship showroom in Chelsea which you as a customer are encouraged to touch or even hug for an extra boost of energy.

The true attention to detail is what I walk away with this evening and with a smile when I think about the wooden dome and also the “boarding school” that Timothy has created in China for his employees to fully understand his design ethos – that’s true dedication to your passion in a nutshell if you ask me.

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