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Tresor in Hatton Gardens

by Lis-Marie Liden

When heading off to meet the lovely Emma Jarman in the new shop I actually walked a bit too far and found myself farther down the Diamond district. This gave me a moment to window shop and take it all in, and my first feeling was that of being overwhelmed. Most windows were so filled with jewellery that I couldn’t really focus. It looks very crowded but I do also understand that it can attract the bling seekers, the magpies inside each and everyone of us, but I however believe in “less is more” and this is where Tresor Paris really shines.

The shop window of Tresor Paris is simple but strong with a summer theme at the time of my visit, precious pieces surrounded by pebbles. The security brings it up to that luxury level you would expect in this area with double doors, and after passing through those I’m met by a light and crispy fresh room. It’s small but the way they have decorated makes it feel much bigger.I take a seat at a table draped by crystal curtains which feels very special, and perfect for having that slightly more private sit down discussing what type of jewellery you are after, to remove the stress from the moment of finding that perfect engagement ring. But it is also all aided by Danilo, who is the perfect man to help you get it right. He has a sense of humour mixed with great knowledge and professionalism. When that husband to be comes in looking for the perfect ring, Danilo is there to calm the nerves with his great and funny “one liners”.

When they opened the new store they also launched a new collection called Quantum Cubus. A collection for both sexes with inspiration from Technology, the night sky and the geometrical. It’s playful and fun and very easy to wear. This new collection is affordable without loosing the luxury look with pieces from £17 up to just under £100. They have used the stunning Lapis stone to get that interesting touch to the pieces and it looks great on top of the stainless steel and silver creations.But if you’re after that beautiful, timeless and unique treasure you will love the next 3 pieces I will show you. If you enjoy the depth of a Green emerald this 7ct Natural Green Emerald ring is one that will do all the talking, I would wear it as a statement cocktail ring for all those amazing red carpets and rooftop events, this beauty is £69,979 so it is a true treasure. If you’re more of a necklace woman then this amazing 18ct White Gold Blue Topaz Necklace, £49,500, is for you. It will make that deep plunge dress pop nothing else needed.

My favourite out of the pieces I’ve seen is this Diamond ring in a fancy Dark Brownish and greenish yellow. It’s a great shape and all these colours put together just makes it look incredible. I would keep everything simple, low key and have this ring bling away.

I really hope you go and visit the new shop and see all these beautiful pieces for yourself and why not treat yourself while you’re there.

For more information on Tresor Paris see online.

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