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Trimbella, an Extremely Effective Meal Replacement Solution

by Lorna Oakley

As you may have guessed by previous articles, I’ve embraced the plant-based life; my journey through my beauty collabs has taught me so much about vegan beauty and cruelty-free products, and the impact chemicals have on our extremely vulnerable environment and us.

Trimbelle: Extremely delicious and nutritious

To be honest, I’ve found being vegan harder than I thought, I take the best supplements from JS Health and I’ve loved Dose and Co collagen for ages, there’s no excuse really but I do like avocado and scrambled eggs from time to time. Back to the best discovery though, this is a nutritional lifesaver!

Introducing Trimbella, a brand new line of extremely smooth, delicious and nutritious plant-based protein shakes for women. Available in two natural flavours, Chocolate and Banana, the low-calorie shakes are carefully formulated with the needs of women at the forefront.  Trimbella shakes are also jam-packed with 24 essential vitamins and minerals, high in fibre and contain 25g of protein per serving.

The two delicious blends were created by Founder Giorgia Wylie to support energy levels, help with muscle recovery and aid with reducing cravings for overall weight management – something she was looking for after becoming a busy mother.

With limited time at hand and on a mission to lose some baby weight to gain back her self confidence, Giorgia turned to meal replacement shakes high in protein and fibre to help achieve her goals. The health and body goals of the shakes appealed to her, however, she quickly realised that the available options on the market were either made with artificial fillers and flavouring or did not taste nice, they were often designed with male consumers in mind.

As a result, Giorgia decided to take matters into her own hands: “I began making my own recipes in my kitchen, just for myself, as this was the only way I could ensure that my daily shakes were tasty but also as healthy and nutritious as possible. However, this was super time-consuming and messy, definitely not convenient for my lifestyle as a busy mum…So the idea of creating my own brand was born! Over the last two years, I worked with a professional team to develop the perfect formula – the result is Trimbella.”

When mixed with water, they are naturally vegan. They are free from GMO, soy, artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. Stylishly packaged and manufactured in the UK, Trimbella shakes are housed in fully recyclable, plastic-free cardboard tubes and biodegradable inner bags.

The shakes contain:

  • Pea and Brown Rice Protein: a great source of amino acids, rich in iron and with  long-lasting feelings of fullness
  • Fibre (Flaxseeds): helps maintain regular digestion & regulate blood sugar levels
  • Vitamin A: contributes to the  maintenance of healthy skin
  • Vitamin B group (B6, B12, folic acid):  contributes to the regulation of normal  hormonal activity
  • Iron: helps in the reduction of tiredness  and fatigue
  • Vitamin C: assists in the production of  collagen for healthy skin and teeth
  • Vitamin D: aids cell renewal and helps  maintain healthy bones
  • Magnesium: supports healthy blood  sugar levels and relaxation
  • Calcium: for bone health
  • Zinc, Biotin and Copper: help maintain  healthy hair, skin & nails
  • Cacao or Banana Powder: rich in antioxidants to help regulate blood sugar levels

Giorgia kindly sent me the nutritional details above, which true to the description are extremely filling and taste amazing, these have been amazing as they genuinely do what they say. I do from time to time add some of my favourites, the chocolate shake is a perfect addition to vegan brownies (swap cocoa for chocolate and half the gluten-free flour) or muffins ( I replace flour with 1/3 chocolate shake, 1/3 gluten-free oats and 1/3 gluten-free flour) however my favourite breakfast is below… and it tastes literally like a cocktail:

Using two scoops of Banana Trimbella, with a spoonful of Dose & Co, a handful of mango, pineapple and passion fruit, blended with coconut milk, check out their website for more recipes and ideas.


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