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Two Men & A Plank

by Emily Healey-Lynham

The Edinburgh Festival is a little different this year with online streaming the norm.  I have seen some great things so far this year via my laptop and the latest performance I got to see supported by The Danish Arts Foundation called #Danish Digital at Zoo Venue’s ZOOTV  was Two Men & A Plank.

Making the most of the digital elements, Two Men & A Plank sees two Characters DON and GNU, the name “DON GNU” is an elision of the two central ‘characters’ of the group’s work. Don (Jannik Elkær) and Gnu (Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen) from the acclaimed trilogy MEN IN SANDALS.  

Walking in a barren land in matching worn out suits, white socks and sandals we meet the duo as they fight against each other and their plank of wood!  With a great choice in the soundtrack music from artists such as Guy Lombardo and Lobo Loco, the music works really well with the funny and slick choreography and very clever camera angles.

Carrying a plank, the duo with no dialogue performs comical feats with the plank in reminiscent way of Laurel and Hardy, it’s full of physical comedy and fun and for 20 minutes you get fully engrossed into what the duo are doing.

One memorable scene sees a fight-like sequence with slapping sound effects turn into an unexpectedly romantic dance sequence!  I also enjoyed the jacket choreography, very polished and smooth.  The piece is energetic and turbocharged with twists and turns from the camera to see different sides of the action on and off the plank. 

The big question is where are these two going with their plank and how did they get there, but it doesn’t really matter as I thoroughly enjoyed the extremely charming men in sandals with their plank of wood.  And it looked like they were having a blast filming the piece as well!

Production Credits
Choreography & performance: Kristoffer L. A. Pedersen & Jannik Elkær
Video: Christoffer Brekne
International producer: Malene Cathrine Pedersen

Available until the 28th August, see online for details.


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