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Valentine’s Gift Guide 2021

by Christina Mitsi

It’s February, and that means only one thing if you have a significant other: Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re loved up or have your eye on that special someone, there’s no better way to show them how you feel than with a unique gift.

Of course there’s the traditional wine and chocolates but if you want to really impress your better half, why not take a look at the selection I’ve picked out as our ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide.

Whether you’re buying for a husband, wife, boyfriend, lover, that person who just lights up your life or even just yourself (why not?), there’s something for everyone and all budgets, but all have a touch of luxury.

First and foremost let’s start with the basics. This brand is fresher than the flowers they deliver having only just launched this year, but the quality is nothing short of superb. Ethically sourced from Fairtrade Certified farms, Bloom’s Cerise Pink roses are sure to make any heart flutter. I was impressed by their stunning long lasting flowers and such vibrant colours along with their fantastic fully recyclable packaging (no cellophane in sight, we love to see it). Each bunch comes with detailed care instructions and sachets of plant food for long lasting flowers that will brighten your home for days.

If you want to make the woman in your life look and feel beautiful then I suggest you treat her to a gorgeous satin night dress from Dare to Desire . Trimmed with lace in breathable silk, this has such a luxurious feel that you’ll want to just turn the heating up and live in it all day long (any why ever not? we’re still in lockdown, why get dressed at all?). Dare to Desire also have a beautiful selection of lingerie for Valentine’s day if you want to give something more intimate and personal.

Speaking of underwear, if you are like me and just can’t wait to take your bra off at the end of the day (that is if you are even bothering to wear one at the moment…) then I’m sure you’d be more than happy to receive the gift of a bra that is designed to be super comfortable with a stunning shape and unrivalled support. Wear my Freedom have developed such a product that is ‘wonderfully wire free’ and transforming the lives of women with D-HH cup sizes. With a stylish design and a luxurious texture you’ll feel fabulous instead of frumpy. This is the kind of gift you deserve to buy yourself ladies!

Moving on to the men, we know they are notoriously difficult to buy for but they also deserve a little treat now and again so I’ve found a few things that should get you in the good books for a wee while.

Modern men look for more than just style and comfort in their clothes, sustainability is now a huge part of what separates quality brands from the high street. One such brand is Coalo who only sell clothes from brands who have sustainability at the forefront of what they do. Their shirts and outerwear are long lasting, quality pieces that are varied and colourful. An earth toned fisherman beanie is a perfect gift this time of year as nothing says I love you like wanting to keep them warm and safe. Also works well if they’re a fisherman.

If there’s a man in your life who needs a bit of a push in the right direction when it comes to skincare then a set from James and Jake could be just the thing he needs. My fiance had the pleasure of testing the Hydration Set consisting of a face and body moisturiser which made a real difference to his skin which had become dry from working so many hours outdoors. Best of all the products are fragrance free, cruelty free and combine the best of science with nature, using powerful, plant-based botanicals and vitamin-rich ingredients.

If you have a fitness fanatic in your life then there’s one product I have to recommend and that’s Saga. Backed by decades of research and tested by some of the most elite sports and defence personnel in the world, The BFR Cuffs are the world’s first wireless, automated training cuffs. The cuffs leverages the benefits of blood flow restriction to reduce the time and intensity required to build muscle and increase strength. Adding them to your strength program will naturally increase your body’s growth hormone production, resulting in muscle growth and you can measure each session and track your progress by connecting them to the mobile app.

A gift that I was meant to give to my other half but I actually kept for myself was the Smart Screen cleaning cloth. Their premium cloth is heavier than most microfibre glass cleaning cloths, making it easier to handle and small enough to fit in a pocket pouch yet opens up into a generous-sized square. A silver ion antibacterial agent  added into the weave process ensures the cloth kills bacteria on contact and remains effective for up to 15 washes. I use it on everything from my phone, smart watch, ipad, desktop and glasses and is small enough to fit in your bag to take anywhere.

Now if you read my previous article about the best food and drink gifts to buy your lover, what better way to present them than a hand made decorative tray by a gifted artist?

Melissa Lafave is a decorative artist based in London who specialises in artisanal glass trays, coasters and lamps. They are unique gifts for anyone who has an eye for stylish interiors and loves a pop of colour.

Being from Manchester I had to choose this beautiful bee design to go nicely with my teal coloured walls. It’s simply stunning and beautifully bespoke. Each tray is signed by Melissa and finished with an 18kt gold edging. She is also able to inscribe the back of a tray with a personalised message.

Something the pair of you can enjoy is the range of wellbeing products from Scentered. Scentered is a mindfulness lifestyle brand that has created a unique Wellbeing Ritual, teaching people how to use the power of our sense of smell as a tool to direct our thoughts, emotions and actions to live happier lives. I sampled the LOVE Home Aromatherapy Candle. It really does fill your room with an encapsulating scent with top notes of Orange and Clove, and heart-warming floral Rose and Jasmine. Perfect for creating the perfect, cosy night in.

Something we could all use right now is a supplement that provides immune support, enhances gut health and energy and helps support the appearance of healthy skin and nails. The Super Elixir™️ is a daily health supplement from Welleco formulated using a combination of over 40 naturally derived ingredients, including wholefoods, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and probiotics and was created by Dr Simone Laubscher PhD. Recommended by Welleco’s founder Elle Macpherson she said: “For me, three litres of water every day and two teaspoons of Super Elixir Greens is as routine as cleaning my teeth. Because I do it every single day without fail, I feel and see the results.” The Elixir comes in a stylish caddy with sleek lines and an art-deco aesthetic, the Caddy is a lifelong keepsake for the wellness warrior and the art enthusiast.

And finally I wanted to share something that was more of a keepsake, with more personal value. Noble Macmillan’s leather goods are created with practicality and luxury in mind and are unashamedly traditional in their approach. Their Valentine’s range features a number of personalisable gifts, with my favourite being a heart shaped leather keyring in which you can have inscribed the initials of you and your loved one. Or if you like me and believe in self love, just get your own initials!

Valentine’s Day will of course be different if you are in the UK this year. But it is still a great excuse to spoil one another and share how you truly feel. Choose a gift that says ‘I saw this and thought of you’ to really make your other half feel special.


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