Williams and Rice

by Lis-Marie Liden

My hair game is a thing that my Swedish hair stylist still shakes his head at, making me dread bumping into him when I return home to Sweden. Anyway, I usually treat myself to highlights every 4-6 months, and if my poor locks are lucky then maybe, just maybe, a trim once a year.

Being in the thirty plus age group I have finally learned to love my hair for what it is. I’m happy with my go to slight bouffant half up half down hairstyle giving an illusion of volume all the while keeping it just vintage enough for my personal style, but I know, and I don’t, that I should give my hair some regular love for sure. Especially if I want those envious model locks!

So I stepped inside this gorgeous salon of Williams and Rice, a hop and a skip away from Sloane Square station; it’s modern and fresh with a gorgeous fragrance and happy welcoming front desk that is dark wood whilst the salon has colour pops of art on the walls.

I was ready to leave my hair in the very safe and capable hands of Will, Style Director and one of the owners. Will is a fun, stylish and an easygoing man, I could tell that I was instantly in good company. I learnt that Will has also worked with editorial styling and absolutely loves what he does, and you can tell, Williams and Rice just had a wonderfully relaxed and fun vibe about it.

He started Williams and Rice in 2017 on Smith Street. It’s a location just a small street away from the hustle and bustle of Kings Road, which is quite nice not being watched by people passing by when sitting with a full head of foil.

After a nice wash and scalp massage I am ready for my cut and dry, the wash was amazing, and honestly a scalp massage should be a daily treat! To be attentive to pressure and water temperature might not seem like much but it’s important. Not everyone likes a strong scalp massage like me. And the wash was topped off with a cold rinse which is something I absolutely love. The feeling afterwards is so refreshing.

Will then proceeded to ask me questions regarding my little to no hair routine. I torture my hair every morning with the straighteners to fix one single wave that really annoys me, but this in turn puts a lot of strain on my already fragile hair. I was reminded that I indeed need to have regular trims to my hair to keep it looking healthy.

After a well needed trim, getting rid of those sad looking ends and giving live back to the lengths, I am dressed up in rollers a la old Hollywood to give my hair that dreamy volume. I loved the result and wish Will could do my hair every morning! I found myself looking at my reflexion in every shop window after I left watching my new hair moving with the breeze, as you do.

I promised Will to at least trim my hair three times a year, oh and I am now investing in a silk pillowcase to give extra care to my hair following his suggestion! So if you need some real hair advice from experts who are fun and friendly then make sure to head down to Chelsea and check yourself in to Williams and Rice.

Williams and Rice
23A Smith Street
United Kingdom


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