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Winter Makeup Round-up

by Lis-Marie Liden

I have touched on my skills or lack thereof when it comes to Make Up and that entire world of products. So every helpful push in the right direction is welcomed.

So they say to start with the basics, foundations, BB Creams, CC Creams, Mineral foundations I already feel confused. And not only do you need to figure out which one of those kinds work for you and your skin you also have to find that perfect shade, and that is something I dread as I always struggle.

I used to work in a cosmetic department back in my younger days and with that journey and trials of products I realised I severely disliked the feeling of a liquid foundation as it just felt to heavy and I can’t say the stains on my precious clothes made me like it any more.But how lucky was I to receive a package from Lord and Berry filled with cosmetic creations.

First thing in the mix was a CC Cream called Embroylisse Complexion Correcting Care, I thought challenge accepted! It turns out this isn’t your average CC Cream, and it also turns out, this is my new favourite. Embroylisse auto adjusts pigments and blends in beautifully while also giving you a smooth plumped up look, this for me is great not only because with age we lose that fullness but also with age and sun we get pigmentation spots. It is light but still covering enough for me to feel comfortable.

In this wonderful package I also found treats for my eyes and lips. I’m not one to shy away from new exciting lip colours so when I saw the two shades of Crayon Lipsticks I jumped on it. They are easy to apply and feel very moisturising. My favourite and now to go to shade is a neutral darker nude colour which works great with my blonde hair, and again you don’t even need a mirror as it’s so easy to apply. If I’m going out and want to really bring my vixen out I would go for the Satin Finish Lipstick in the shade Absolute with matching lipliner, moisturising and long lasting.I can probably do a winged eyeliner in the dark by now, it’s the only make-up skill I have, but when it comes to eyeshadow I often shy away from the entire concept as I usually end up looking like a panda when trying for a new look. So I usually stay with very neutral matt colours just to even out my look. But Lord and Berry has the solution for me in the shape of Crayon Eyeshadow, again it applies smoothly and effortlessly. It’s not thick or sticky and using a soft brush it also bonds nicely.

So who is Lord and Berry?

They started their journey in 1992 and by 1997 they had really grown and empowered women around the world from their atelier in the style capital Milan. Their products are all hypoallergenic and produced with high quality raw materials.So I now have these amazing products but I also received a set of two make-up brushes from the fierce and fabulous Kat Von D’s make up brand.

The Shade and Light Eye Contour brush came in it’s own little hard coffin case, perfect to keep it safe in while traveling for instance. This tool has two sides of brush on it; the tapered shade end really helped me put shadow nicely and with precision by my lash line as it has a perfect sharp tip. The light end is slightly bigger and helps blend shadows without spilling out to the sides, which is where I usually get my classic panda look. I really recommend this tool for eyeshadow work.

I also received the Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush; this brush has a sculpted shape that follows the contours of your face beautifully. It’s a dense brush but in a good way as that helps you reach everywhere and aids to “Lock in” the CC Cream in my case. Both brushes have a fierce and slick design, something you would expect from Kat Von D, and every tool is 100% cruelty free.

With these new products and tools I definitely think I will grow on my make-up journey and maybe even venture beyond my comfort zone, wish me luck!


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