Winter Skincare

by Lis-Marie Liden

I absolutely love to try out different skincare products, and I think it’s important to do because it’s not a “one fits all” so we all have to find that perfect fit. Our skin needs care for different things when it comes to winter; dry skin, mature skin or maybe acne prone skin. But you also have to be mindful as to what time of day you use your product. Your skin regenerates during the night so this is a great time to allow your skin to get some much needed goodness. I have had the pleasure to try out some amazing products this winter, ranging from masks to serums to face creams and I’m here to tell you all about it . . .

First up, a brand that I have used before and like very much is Beauty Pro, this time I have trialled serums and various masks. I had so much fun with their Eye Patches, I’m extremely bad at tending to my under eye area. This area is delicate and if anything really needs more care. So with these eye patches I can easily put them on and continue with whatever task I was dabbling in while they work their magic. I had two choices, Collagen, Green tea and Vitamin A & E or a Retinol, Vitamin C and Aloe one. My preference would be the Retinol. This helps to reduce dark circles, brighten the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I also had so much fun trying out their Hyaluronic Acid Gold Foil Mask, it is a gorgeous slightly thicker gold sheet mask. Inside you’ll also find Q10 and Soybean, all these gorgeous ingredients will give hydration, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. After having had this golden mask on for the assigned 20 minutes it’s taken off and whatever product is left on your skin is massaged in until absorbed. If you haven’t tried a sheet mask, you really should, the results are instant and they feel nice when on.

BeautyPro also offers a great range of serums, 100% plant based and out of the four I tried my two favourites, if I have to choose, are Retinol and Hydrating, my skin is terribly dry especially this time of year so hydration is much needed. However, knowing my skin works differently overnight, I liked the idea of the Retinol being an overnight treatment serum, working it’s magic while I dream away. Two pumps and you have a lush amount to cover your skin without leaving any kind of residue. I really liked the texture of these serums and how quickly they were absorbed.

So my face has been treated, but BeautyPro also has your feet and hands covered. And this was a first for me. I have never had a foot and hand treatment like this. Imagine socks and gloves but with gorgeous softening ingredients helping your hands and feet become nourished and hydrated. They were so soft afterwards. Oh and if you are a mani pedi girl like me, you have the option to remove the tips on both masks so not to ruin your varnished nails, how clever is that?

So gold seems to be a theme this roundup. Cetuem sent me a gorgeous set to try, containing the SCR GOLD Intensive Serum, Creme De Lite Moisturiser and the Booster serum. The trick here for an even more intense treatment was to add a small drop of the Booster serum to the Intensive serum and gently dab it onto your skin before then moving in to the moisturiser. I noticed a slight fragrance that felt vintage, not overpowering just refreshing.

My skin looked glowing and fresh, these products helps purify my skin, protect during the day and renew overnight, and will also help with anti ageing, acne, pigmentation, Rosacea and to balance skin tones. My skin felt smooth and silky without any sticky residue. Inside we find stunning ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, vitamins and essential oils. Beautiful antioxidants supporting your skin against further damage. And don’t worry, you and your man can share these amazing products, although I know in my case he’d have to get his own batch, I need mine.

Netta and Haley, who are mother and daughter, created a brand called L’Abu together and from this came their 8 product range. I love that there’s not an abundance of items to choose from, sometimes less really is more. And even so they have a great range covering all your skins needs. The first product I received from them is the Oat Milk Face Cleanser, smooth and light helping me to cleanse, hydrate and clarify after a long day. For me I do a double cleanse as I feel the London air sometimes is too much after a long day. And don’t get me started on the dusty air inside the tube, clogging my poor pores just by thinking about it. I then move on to the Skin Brightening serum, this I think is my favourite product out of the ones I received. It’s so smooth to apply and gives me a delicate wave of fragrance that is so refreshing. This one serum hold 25 active ingredients, a list that is too long to get into but all targeting ageing, skin tone and elasticity. Sometimes to get that super boost I massage the Retinol Complex Oil onto my face before moving on the the Brightening serum. This oil is there to give an even more intense hydration and as we know Retinol is so good for growth of new cells.

Your winter skincare routine does not have to be complicated or a shelf with endless products. You just have to find that amazing combination that works for your skin and stay consistent and then you’ll see great results.


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