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Summer is officially over and my hair is now in dire need of some into depth TLC and it was probably about time to renew my hair care routine so how fitting that I was able to trial WNt London. It has taken WNt London three years to finalise their products but its been absolutely worth the wait, it is a sulphate free product and my blonde locks definitely approved.

WNt London was created not only to help you when having a Brazilian blow dry and aiding your hair to stay fabulous for longer, it also prolongs the results of your treatment by up to 45%. It was also created to support hair that has had intensive salon treatment like mine and my ever so natural highlights. In general,  WNt London helps to maintain a healthy head of hair by nourishing and moisturising.

I am not going to lie, I have never had a Brazilian blow dry but with my own hairdryer and round brush routine I still felt like the product helped my hair stay sleek for longer.I have however done my highlights for decades and can tell my Scandinavian hair is taking a toll, I also have this weird wave on one side that somehow reoccurs every morning and I have to reach for the straightener to fix it, but with this product this wave seems to now be less prominent! Time saver in the morning to say the least, giving me more time to save my potential eyeliner catastrophes!

wnt london
wnt london conditioner

It took me a few washes to figure out the amount my hair needed but also to believe in that the product was reaching all areas without me overdoing it. You see we always seem to think that the more lather the better reach or the better product but this is actually far from the truth. These gorgeous products come in a simple packaging but with a nice pump instead of you having to squeeze the bottle, somehow that made it feel more luxurious to me and also there is a nice salon fresh non overpowering fragrance.

WNt London was founded by Andre Johnson who has spent years perfecting these products. They are filled with goodness such as Macademia Ternifolia, Argan Spinosa, Castor Oil and fatty acids, all that together with selected chemicals reduce the stripping of keratin used in treatments. But this group of ingredients also helps reinforce and protects against the elements, something I think we all need help with.

And you know how sometimes, at least for me, when I have had highlights and it just feels a little dry, well WNt helps keep the sleekness and helps you stay frizz free. And who wouldn’t welcome that with open arms?

At the moment WNt London only offers Shampoo and Conditioner but they are looking to expand their product range and I will be looking forward to see what else will be coming out.

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