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Womanizer Pleasure Air Toys

If you take sexual pleasure seriously, then you might already have heard about the Womanizer range of toys, which use groundbreaking air pressure technology to create waves of stimulation without causing the clitoris to become overstimulated or desensitised. With the latest three new additions to the range, the Classic 2, Premium 2 and Starlet 3, Womanizer continues to put the feedback from their testing panel (the MasturbaTEAM!) at the very heart of each design, leading to really well thought out toys. It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it, I thought to myself, as I opened up the box of samples that Womanizer had sent me…

The Classic 2 and Premium 2 are both very luxurious looking devices. Clad in sleek, waterproof silicone – mine happen to be black and pale grey respectively, so they look great together – the slightly curved shape fits neatly into the hand. After a strong recommendation from a friend about the Womanizer range – and I must emphasise that it felt like she was on some kind of religious mission – the Pro40 has been a firm favourite. However, it immediately seems a bit clunky and utilitarian next to these thoroughbreds. The Premium 2 in particular feels silky to the touch and other upgrades (think magnetic charging and two different nozzles sizes to fit all shapes) show that both of these new toys have undergone some serious tweaking to really ensure maximum pleasure.

Womanizer Premium
Womanizer Classic in the bath

So, what makes this toy better than your rabbit or your wand (or just about everything else)? Well, the Womanizer range uses what it calls Pleasure Air technology to create waves and pulses that stimulate without any actual physical contact. You just fit the nozzle over your clitoris (this takes a little practice, but I guarantee you will be glad you persisted!) and keep a seal with light pressure. You can use a little lube if you want for this too, but it’s more for an airtight seal than for friction; you probably won’t want to move your Womanizer around too much once it’s in the right place! This is the kind of sensation people rave about to each other; if this article doesn’t pique your interest, wait until you find a friend who has one and try to get them to shut up about how good it is.

Once the correct position has been achieved, there are buttons to increase and decrease the intensity. Do NOT hit max straight away. The sensation will take a moment to get used to and you can definitely be overkeen and uncomfortably surprise yourself! The Classic 2 has ten intensity levels, while the Premuim 2 has fourteen; however, this doesn’t mean it’s got a higher upper range, only that there are more levels between the min and max to ensure a smoother transition as you progress through them. My favourite feature is the Afterglow on the Classic 2, which cleverly allows you to reset to the lightest setting with one touch of the power button. This means that at the moment of orgasm – or just before, if you want to experience some truly delightful and unique sensations – you can reduce the pressure and enjoy a relaxing climax. The only problem with this on the Classic 2 model, in comparison to the Pro40, is that the power button is now not in the same place as the buttons for intensity so you always have to fumble around a bit to find it at that crucial moment and it’s almost impossible to do with one hand (the manufacturers have clearly assumed you don’t have anything to do with your other hand…).

It’s unfortunate that the Afterglow feature doesn’t appear on the Premium 2, but there are a couple of features it has instead. Smart Silence makes sure that the product waits until it makes contact with your skin before it turns on – although that is also where the silence ends. This is not a particularly quiet toy, but also certainly not one of the loudest; if I had to create a scale of noise levels, this one is a well-maintained tumble dryer humming in the next room. The other new luxury feature is called Autopilot and this one allows you to press a button (again, a button you have to search for a little bit unless you select it before you start) which then creates a random pattern of pulses and intensities to allow you to relinquish control.

I will add a couple more points here, because I take thorough reviewing very seriously and was fortunate enough to have a glamorous assistant on hand to give a second opinion. Piercings may, depending on exactly where it is and what size nozzle you’re using, interfere with creating airtightness. Personally, I would recommend taking your piercing out – this is not a sensation you want to miss! We also noticed that, no matter how familiar you are with each other, it’s quite difficult to find and maintain the correct positioning when holding this for a partner. Further practice, I feel, will be required.

Womanizer first image premium

Womanizer are constantly striving to improve their products. They have reduced the amount of plastic in the packaging, moved to vegan friendly production methods and included a cute little storage bag made of undyed natural fibres with each toy. What really makes them mind-blowing – and that’s not a word I use lightly – is the sensations from the Pleasure Air technology, which are quite unique and capable of giving you some of the best orgasms of your life! Whether you prefer the features of one or the other (or both – it’s nearly Christmas, after all!), treat yourself – it’s time to join Womanizer’s pleasure revolution!

Womanizer toys can be found on their website and through some other online retailers.

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