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Wonder & Awe Boxes

by Yemi Edwards

With the UK starting to open up again, people are venturing out and doing activities that they have been trying to do for a year. But not all UK residents are ready to explore the outdoors, some feel they want to give more time staying indoors until they feel normality is really real. So for those who aren’t ready to venture out but still want to have the pleasures of a social life Wonder & Awe boxes could be THE answer.

Wonder & Awe are a funky box delivery service filled with experiences for gifts, activities and lots of fun! Online you will also find products for the home, the body and the mind. If you live in London you can actually get a box to you within the hour. Perfect for a last minute “I can’t be arsed to face the world” decision. I am one of those. I seem to have developed a bit of social anxiety after being contained within four walls for over a year.

What I love about these boxes is that they are not ordinary. They are jammed with super cool ideas that just makes staying in so much more rewarding. No masks involved unless you order The Pamper, which I will tell you about in a few mins. 

“We’re obsessed with making your day a little easier and a little more joyful. Whether it’s the useful products, the amazing delivery service, the experience on our website, or our Customer Happiness team delighting you with their genuine care (even if something didn’t go quite as planned), we’re going for the ‘WOW!’.” That’s what it says on Wonder & Awe website. Check their website and you’ll see they are right. Everything about it just gives you a feeling of enjoyment. Right, let’s get into a box. I mentioned The Pamper earlier and I mentioned masks. My box contained exfoliating foot socks; I was a bit confused on how to open and use them, but I managed to get into them and my feet got a bit of much needed attention. Warning: get your wine first before you put the socks on. Oil control nose strips with green tea extract and gel eye patches which my daughter snatched for herself. Also, a shower steamer and a little box of sweets. Lip Masks? This one was new to me. I’ve not come across one of these before but they were cute. These squidgy, jellied textured lip covers are enriched with collagen and lavender oil, I can’t sit still but I had to so it didn’t slide off and it was fun, fun, fun, fun. Who needs interaction with humans when you look like a character from under the sea. I say that in jest, it was all a jolly time exploring these treatments. Back to the box, an energizing coffee and vanilla dry body scrub, OMG, smelled like a Starbucks in heaven. Finally a rice face mask sheet, which was sooooo wet. I didn’t mention that I am not a girly girl so this box is slightly foreign to me but when my husband said I looked like I had been caught in the rain while I wore it, I thought it would be worth it to show him the results. Fun, unique and relaxing. Excuse me while I squeal with delight; this was just what I needed after a stressful week. Self love is so important and this box is packed full of it. My box was also only £39.99, this is the bigger size, but a smaller one is £29.99. So let me set the mood, kill the lights and light the candle. The kids are away at the in-laws, the hubby has finished washing the cars and we decide we are going to relish in the peace. What can we do? Wonder & Awe strikes again to insert some indoor couple time to what would just be a “quiet night in” or maybe a “netflix and chill” ooh err, sorry I am going off track. Actually, the Date Night Box contains boom chicka wow wow, Love Vouchers! Don’t fret, they are not too risque, they are tame but flirty. Tasks include, “Call me your highness”, “Today I would like a massage” and “Pick the Show, I can’t say No.” So these are safe, if you are shy, unlike me! For the date night we had two bags of popcorn, a scented candle, choccies, a massage dice and some mints, in case things escalated. There was also a box of sweets like in The Pamper box. I need to go back to the choccies. If you are not watching a film, and not massaging, then you have the option to make your own chocolate truffles. I had to grab the bag from my chocoholic husband so I only just noticed it’s a “to do” element of the box. 

In all, the boxes help forget about being confined and bring amusement to your doorstep. The choices are vast whatever the occasion. There is a box for self love to lose a job. They can be for a solo session, with the family or loved one. Take a look at their website and explore what ways you can add some “interesting” to your weeked without having to navigate current un-lockdown rules and regs!


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