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Yoga in the Brighton i360

by Sara Darling

The nights are drawing in and for me jogging along the promenade in the dark is becoming less and less appealing. So when I heard about a yoga class 162 metres above the ground in Brighton’s favourite seaside pod, Brighton i360, I was intrigued. This vertical pier is normally a viewing point for our stunning scenery, so what would it look like in a downward dog? There was only one way to find out! And in actual fact, there is nothing more magical than clearing your mind at this unique vantage point. Led by professional instructor Bella there were also several other yogis dotted about the pod, so there was always someone in sight if you needed to catch a glimpse of the posture; but mostly the view was out of the floor to ceiling windows showcasing the sea and city lights.

The hour-long class began as soon as the Brighton i360 pod started to elevate and consisted of a flow that was suitable for all abilities. Each posture was described so we could concentrate on our breathing and as we were facing outwards we could completely focus on our own journey, which made it a magical experience. The autumn gale which had been threatening to erupt all day, started gusting when we were almost at the top, and trying to do a tree pose with one foot on the ground is hard enough, but when you’re in a Brighton i360 pod the sky which is bobbing about, it’s even more of a challenge! However it only added to the friendly atmosphere with the other yogis who pretty much all had a wobble too!

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Although it was windy, the flight was seamless, and once we had reached full height, we were rewarded with a short break to admire the impressive scenery that the i360 is known for and pose for an obligatory yoga pic in the sky. Back on mats, the descent was a less strenuous affair and Bella changing the tempo and concentrating on stretches and mat work- culminating in my personal favourite, Savasana to relax and let go.

With my feet back on solid ground, I was as chilled as I normally am after yoga, but had a spring in my step and a delightful memory of standing strong like a warrior overlooking the South Downs and Sussex coastline is something I will never forget.

Instructor Bella teaches at The Float Spa in Hove and Wickwoods Country Club, as well as private lessons. Her next session on the Brighton i360 is a sunrise class on Feb 4th and a sunset class on Friday 24th March.

For more info on yoga at Brighton i360 or to book see online.

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