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Legs – Brighton Fringe Review

by Sara Darling

The brainchild of Julia Masli & The Duncan Brothers, this three man show at Brighton Fringe, had plenty of legs (and gags). The one hour spectacle at the imfamous Spiegeltent sprinted by – confirming that there are more leg puns in this world that we probably need!

Stuffed to the brim with nonsense and silly – just what we need during this time of doom and gloom, the audience was treated to sketches, gags and plenty of clowning about, and the trio certainly tapped into my funny bone; even behind my mask, my cheeks were hurting! Fusing random facts with random legs, the show Legs is hosted by an unlikely threesome. Whilst Masli seemingly channels Villanelle from Killing Eve with her vacant stare and faux fur bonnet – her ditzy (but real!!!!) Russian accent and amazing dancing knees will have you in hysterics. Whilst the brothers take turns in hustling – playing the Ernie and Wise of the show. It’s actually Masli’s performances I remember the most vividly – the surreal sketch where she awkwardly plays a blade of grass is particularly chucklesome, and does an expert job of keeping a straight face whilst she makes up each of her legs so her knees can get jiggy! The props are basic, but that is part of the eccentricity, and some of the dialogue seems improvised, but that’s part of the fun.

If you’re not laughing at this silliness, you’ll probably find it completely trippy, but providing comedy as the purest form of nonsense, it resolutely remains truthful to legs in any tenuous capacity, and there are even parts which are quite educational (in the loosest form). I’d love to say they mentioned broken legs, and the cast was terrible, but they didn’t and they weren’t! Above all, they really went out on a limb and if you ever took your pins for granted, this is the show for you.

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