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The Ultimate Guide to Facial Serums and Oils

by Lily Niu

Working towards a healthy and radiant complexion can feel like a constant battle. Environmental aggressors, pollution, and stress can all contribute to dull, lacklustre skin. Thankfully, incorporating facial serums and oils into your skincare routine can be a game-changer.

Products for the ultimate skincare routine

These potent formulas deliver a concentrated dose of the ultimate active ingredients to target specific concerns, leaving your skin looking and feeling its best.

I’ll be sharing my experience with a selection of serums and facial oils that have transformed my own dry, sensitive, and often dull skin.

Combatting dryness and patchiness: The Super Facialist Rosehip Hydrate Miracle Makeover Facial Oil

As someone who struggles with persistent dryness, flakiness, and redness – sometimes even during the summer – the Super Facialist Rosehip Hydrate Miracle Makeover Facial Oil has been a welcome addition to my skincare arsenal. This lightweight oil absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue, a major plus!

Since adding this into my routine, I’ve found the need for a “pre-cleanse” has become essential. This additional step ensures all traces of makeup and SPF are removed before applying serums and moisturisers, allowing them to penetrate deeply and nourish my skin.

The convenient packaging makes it perfect for travel, so I can maintain my skincare routine wherever I go.

About Super Facialist

Launched in 2012, Super Facialist is a British-born, award-winning skincare brand. They are passionate about creating effective yet affordable products that target a variety of skin concerns.

Finding balance: Jurlique Herbal Recovery Bi-Phase Serum

I’ve been a longtime fan of Jurlique ever since discovering their Rosewater Balancing Mist, which leaves my face feeling perfectly hydrated after applying makeup. Having dry skin that’s prone to redness, particularly around the cheeks, I was eager to try their Herbal Recovery Bi-Phase Serum.

This innovative formula combines a hydrating water phase with a nourishing oil phase to deliver a potent dose of botanical goodness. I’ve found it to be particularly effective at evening out my skin tone and reducing the appearance of redness.

About Jurlique

Jurlique is a pioneering Australian brand renowned for its luxurious, botanical-based skincare products. They ethically source their ingredients from their biodynamic farm, ensuring the highest quality and purity.

Gentle yet effective: Annabelle Minerals Glow Juice Vitamin C Serum

Following a consultation with a Harley Street facialist some time ago, I was advised to incorporate Vitamin C serums into my skincare routine to combat uneven skin tone and promote a brighter complexion.

Having sensitive skin, I gravitated towards Annabelle Minerals, a brand renowned for its gentle yet effective formulations. Their Glow Juice Vitamin C Serum is housed in an opaque bottle, protecting the active ingredient from light degradation.

Since using this product, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my skin’s brightness and overall texture.

About Annabelle Minerals

Established in Poland, Annabelle Minerals is a leading brand in mineral makeup and natural skincare. They are committed to developing gentle yet effective formulations that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Affordable luxury: Djusie Acid Bloom and Fruit Glaze

The Djusie Acid Bloom and Fruit Glaze duo is a revelation for those seeking a radiant and healthy complexion. Reminiscent of Vinter’s Daughter’s Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum, but at a more affordable price point, this combination has become the ultimate staple in my evening skincare routine.

The Acid Bloom gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and prepping the skin for optimal absorption of the Fruit Glaze oil. This luxurious oil, with its beautiful scent, nourishes and hydrates my skin, leaving it feeling plump and dewy upon waking.

About Djusie

Djusie is a Swedish brand that offers an ultimate curated range of organic, vegan skincare products. They focus on harnessing the power of natural ingredients to deliver visible results.


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