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5 sublime new luxe wellness nutrition brands

by Lorna Oakley

Wellness has taken on a completely new meaning and it does not mean going without the things you love. As I get older I learn more about how what I eat has a bigger effect on my day-to-day health than the obvious signs; the more curious I am I find more organic and plant-based products to improve my nutrition and overall wellness. In this roundup, I have 5 amazing brands that have become firm favourites.

Presscription Juices

OK, so l hold my hand up, I am a juice detox fan, and from time to time it feels really good to use one for a few days, you feel cleaner and lighter. However, not all are the same and some literally make you feel constantly hungry (yes, I know it’s a detox) a bit gripey and potentially ‘hangry’.

I received a 3 day cleanse from Presscription Juices, and the first thing I noticed was each juice was in a rather substantial glass bottle, with juice shots in between.

At Presscription we use only the highest quality produce on the market. All our juices are formulated by experts in nutrition using the finest cold-press machines. Our delicious and super healthy juices are 100% raw and unpasteurised, we do not add anything to our juices or treat them in any way. Our only added ingredient is a commitment to quality, care and taste”.


Interestingly they have a variety of experts from nutritionists and chefs to holistic and homoeopathic practitioners as part of what they do; with an easy-to-follow plan starting from 9.30 am with the ‘green revive’ (cucumber, celery, apple, romaine, lemon, ginger, cayenne) to the last and 6th juice at 9.30 pm, this I may add was my favourite, a mixture of alkaline water, activated almonds, Medjool dates, Himalayan sea salt and vanilla beans (this also curbs the ‘gripey’ feel that some juice cleanses may have from a more citrus based juice).

Each bottle is numbered and after juices 2 and 4, there’s a little shot that provides energy if you are sluggish, made of alkaline water, lemon, lime, red chilli, and coconut blossom nectar. Different juices at dedicated times do their job throughout the day, as you literally drink a rainbow of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and superfoods.

This cleanse is perfect for those new to juicing, and or if you are a regular cleanser to improve nutrition as well. Prescription can be purchased here.


 I was kindly sent, the loveliest selection of Coolkies;  Matcha, Dark Chocolate and caramelised walnut. Sam’s Coolkies is the perfect example of where wellness meets confectionery, the goal is to craft cookies that not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also nurture your gut.

I unintentionally launched Sam’s Coolkies while re-evaluating my approach to food due to years of poor gut health. Empowered by studying the mind-gut connection, my perspective on healthy eating transformed from calorie counting to seeing food as a tool for optimising physical and mental well-being.”

coolkies 1

For anyone who like me and craves sweet treats, these plant-based, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free cookies with added adaptogens are the ultimate guilt-free treat. Initially, they were baked for friends on similar health journeys, but the cookies gained popularity, leading Sam to start selling them shortly thereafter.

To confirm, I am SO glad she did, they are beyond delicious and the packaging is almost as lovely as the Coolkies themselves! You can buy Coolkies here.

Pentire Drinks

So, in my wisdom, I thought I’d take part in a 100-day challenge, which means no alcohol for 100 days. To be fair; it’s not that hard as I don’t really drink that often anyway. But, I do love the occasional Spicy Margarita and of course summer for me and my visits to Italy can only mean my favourite Aperol Spritz.

I’ll start with the Coastal Spritz, this is a signature coastal botanical that is carefully blended with Blood Orange, Sea Rosemary and Oakwood to create the perfect balance of natural bitter flavours and refreshing coastal tones, and believe me; this is amazing for a non-alcoholic contender for Aperol.

Then there’s the classic Margarita, Pentire’s coastal botanicals are blended with lime, agave, sea salt and a dash of Mexican chilli to create a fresh and zingy cocktail that’s entirely ready to drink, this is highly addictive!

You have been warned, you can buy them both here.

Matcha Please

Matcha Please is an exciting new brand to look out for in 2024, as they’ve crafted a delicious range of matcha that is made from high-quality ingredients and easy to prepare when you’re on the go. Unlike some other brands that are sold in large quantity containers and need to be prepared with a whisk, Matcha Please offers their range of single-serve sachets that require nothing more than boiling water and a gentle stir.

I was kindly sent the Vanilla and the Coconut ones, and they were both equally delicious, also the way that the tea was formulated means there are no lumps and little residue at the bottom of the cup.

Matcha Please1

Matcha Collagen Latte is a blend of Marine Collagen Peptides and Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha Green Tea, these are a perfect combination of getting an extra boost of collagen and the additional benefits of the slow-releasing caffeine found in Matcha to boost nutrition.

This delicious Matcha can be purchased here.

Erbology Lavender and Rose water Bundle

Not only do they smell divine, but the Lavender and Rosewater bundle from Erbology really packs a punch when it comes to wellness and relaxation. Use it on your skin for radiance, drop on to your pillow for the sweetest dreams or add a drop or two into a cup of tea to catch some zen vibes.


The rose water, as you could imagine would be the perfect addition to cocktails, whereas the lavender may be more for tea, both though were beautiful additions, with the rose water in particular a perfect match to sparkling water as a non-alcoholic alternative.

You can buy them here at Erbology.

To conclude, one of the loveliest ways to explore wellness is via what I consume and it’s a great way of easing yourself into a plant-based lifestyle or improving your overall nutrition.


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