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A charming retreat to At The Pond

by Joanna Gregory

Nestled in the tranquil countryside of Somerset lays a truly beautiful and hidden gem, At The Pond. My partner knew I was in desperate need of a break so booked a short trip for the two of us. Being a city girl, the thought of being somewhere remote without a shop nearby or a phone signal made me feel a tad claustrophobic.

Don’t get me wrong, I love nature, in fact, I thrive in it however, we are so accustomed to being contactable all the time, and near to conveniences, that my programmed mind had trouble with such a dramatic switch. After being told I could return to the big smoke whenever I liked by my rather bemused partner, I was on a train and headed for the woodlands, hiking boots on.

At The Pond

Accommodation At The Pond

We arrived in the afternoon, and after a rather bumpy descent down to the farm we were greeted by our hosts, beaming as they walked along the dewy grass to meet us. We loaded our belongings, an array of knitted jumpers and enough food for a week, into ‘Jeeves’ the pond’s trusted mobility scooter, and headed up to our cabin. A soundtrack of birds tweeting into the sunset and the crunch of the gravel beneath our feet calms the nervous system.

Our host showed us around the At The Pond cabin, with an amazing reciprocating ceiling, giving us the lowdown on where to obtain more wood for the fires and the little quirks that come with remote living. I was stunned by just how incredible this place is. We unpacked our things, and I always like to fully unpack when I am away, it makes me feel truly settled and at home in the temporary space that I’m in and I can then settle into country life.

We decided to run the beautifully deep set outside bath before dinner, the rain was hammering down but we figured we would be wet anyway so we filled the bath to the brim with hot, soapy water and our wine covered with coasters whilst we sat back and let nature did its thing. It was a glorious way to kick off the weekend!

Wrapped in dressing gowns provided by the cabin, we then made dinner. Unlike many places I’ve stayed, the kitchen is well stocked with everything you can think of to whip up even a complex Ottolenghi recipe. Whilst my partner was cooking away, I lit the first fire of the weekend and sat back with a glass of wine, revelling in the silence and comfort of this place.

Will Heap 8

The cabin is ideal for two people, the giant king-sized bed overlooking the water made for a very peaceful sleep, the odd owl occasionally reminding me of my surroundings I woke the next day feeling rested and restored. We lay in bed for hours, watching the ducks splash around the water, jumping out of bed merely to fill our coffee cups.

Will Heap 9

After a very slow morning, we decided to take a little drive around the neighbouring villages to grab some supplies. There’s Bruton a short drive away, a gorgeous historic place filled with galleries, coffee shops and pop-up restaurants. This place is also the home of Godminster Cheese and after stumbling upon its shop we were treated to a cheese tasting and subsequently left with half of the store!

We returned back to our hideaway and, whilst my partner cooked up (another) storm in the kitchen, I lit a fire under the outdoor covered lounge area, wrapped myself in blankets and curled up on the sofa with a cuppa to watch the rain come down. I felt very at peace in my newly found haven.

There’s lots to do to while away the hours here, the cabin comes with a chest full of games and mindfulness exercises including an adult colouring book which I couldn’t get enough of. There is a steam shower which is perfect for a post-pond dip and a Sonos Sound System complete with disco lights should the moment take you.

After another peaceful night, we decided to take ourselves out for a Sunday roast and stumbled upon the Bradley Hare, this newly refurbished place is full of rustic charm. We had an incredibly delightful time there, having one of their signature roasts followed by a plum tart paired with a dessert wine to round off our afternoon with a bang.

Will Heap 5

It was on the way home we decided to message the owners and extend our stay, thankfully there was space to accommodate us so we made arrangements with work, lit another fire and played games into the night.

I cannot say enough good things about ‘At the Pond’. That weekend completely restored me from start to finish, it was a slice of heaven. We are already planning our next trip!

You can see more details and book online At the Pond.


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