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5 Brilliant brands to adopt for a Spring Pamper Day Routine

by Lis-Marie Liden

Who’s now ready for this new year and all its opportunities? Health and wellbeing are a priority for me and so I hope to set up a new routine. Here’s what a pamper day off would look like for me this Spring.

Morning Routine

I’d allow myself to wake up naturally because it’s a rare treat when you work in a London office. Then as I live in a small space, I would instantly make my bed, 12yr old me would be rolling her eyes in disbelief. I’d then put on my new loungewear items from Sloggi.

I have been testing their Zero Feel Bralette, a lovely soft bra without wiring and made up of recycled microfiber. Inside you have removable pads which are good for keeping the “girls” supported, whilst the fabric is breathable, moisture wicking and super stretchy, bringing comfort all around. Being a busty gal, I have to say this top is my day-off go-to.

To complete my outfit I would add the Ever Infused Aloe Vera Leggings, now these are quite something, very stretchy and easy to put on but keeping their shape beautifully and with a held-in feeling all the while allowing great comfort. The design is high-waisted and with a slightly cropped leg.

But here’s the fascinating part, inside this fabric there are microcapsules of Aloe Vera weaved in that release over time while you wear them which support soft and moisturised skin. How amazing is that? And for 20 washes you can enjoy this effect while lounging around.


I’ll be prancing around in my studio and perhaps even out in my garden throughout the day so footwear is essential, Mahabis kindly sent me a pair of their Morzine Slippers, a lovely composition of premium tumbled leather upper, soft shearling lining and signature neoprene back giving a soft stretchy fit all on top of a sturdy TPU sole allowing you to wear both indoor and outdoor.

Whether you want to keep your feet warm inside or pop out to the shop for that milk, these can take you everywhere, so comfortable and minimalistic. I noticed that they came up a bit big so I actually sized down to a 4.5UK rather than my normal 5.5UK and this exchange was such an easy process all thanks to the great customer service at Mahabis.

Noon Routine

With the outfit of the day sorted, I would move on to the skincare routine, and Beauty Pro sent me some great items to treat my skin from top to toe. To start they have sent me the most intriguing and helpful tool that will allow me to know how my skin is actually doing. I have always assumed I had very oily skin but boy have I been wrong.

The Hydratest Skin analysis device looks like a red metallic pen but it has two little retractable pins on the end that when you press and hold them against your skin for 3 seconds will measure in percentage the levels of how hydrated or oily your skin is. I was very dehydrated almost everywhere except my jaw. It is so good to know this and so helpful because now I know I need to moisturise more. The Hydratest uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis which is the same standard as what you would find in any professional medical and beauty equipment.


Now knowing where my skin stands the time was right to give it some TLC. Beaty Pro also sent me a lovely selection of treats in the shape of a luxury Hand & Foot renewal collection as well as the Glow Edit, which was a bundle that would sort me out for the day.

Detoxifying Bubbling Cleansing Mask was as fun to use as it sounds, a self-foaming mask with bubbles that micro-massage your skin and remove toxins while giving a deep cleanse. For more deep moisture I moved on to the Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask, a 15-minute treatment supporting cell renewal, soothing redness and helping prevent breakouts. And like a cherry on top, the last step was the Eye Therapy Mask, I love these as they are so easy to use and truly support that sensitive under-eye skin while removing puffiness making you look less tired, win-win.


Hands and Feet are often neglected, at least for me, so the Hand & Foot Renewal Spa at-home kit was much needed. It’s important to exfoliate your feet before giving them much-needed moisture. So I started with the Foot and Callus Peel that promises to remove dead and rough skin in just seven days but you’ll feel the skin-softening during initial use as well. 

After this nice scrub, we need to pamper our feet and what better way than with the Foot Therapy Collagen Infused Booties? Dual-layered and filled with intense hydration. And for your hands, the Hand Therapy Collagen Infused Gloves give the same softness and moisture. If you are worried about your new mani and pedi, do not fret, you can remove the tips to let those parts stay pristine. These are both so easy to wear while lounging, that a simple moment of 20 minutes of treatment will leave you with moisturised hands and feet. Softer and more rejuvenated skin.

Night Routine

After a day of intense lounging, the time comes to wind down and WelleCo has a lovely way to support this with their Evening Elixir. I make this as a hot chocolate drink to enjoy slowly. A lovely container with a chocolate powder that gives a sense of calm while also supporting your skin from within. Lovely ingredients such as magnesium, natural vitamin C and niacin are all in this nice mix of cacao, passionflower, chamomile and lavender. Sleep in a powder. I slept so deeply and without sharing too much, I didn’t even have to do my normal 5 am get exhausted out of bed to pee session, I slept all the way to my alarm and that never happens!

TEE Render Powder Front

But before we drift away to sleep there is one little step to give that even calmer feeling, and this is a perfect item to help you move away from your screens and just exist. Beauty Pro sent me one last thing, The Warming Eye Mask. This was a first for me and I was super intrigued to try. It’s a 20-minute treatment where you wear what looks like a sleep mask, except this one gradually heats up and has a gentle camomile scent. This will help your tired eyes relax after a day of phones and screens and it supports headaches as well as helping you feel ultra relaxed.

Whether you need a wellness day or just moments of escape the above products are sure to support you with the perfect routine. Easy to use and suitable for all. And why not gift them to someone you feel might need a bit of an escape and TLC?


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