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Must-Have Body Care Products for a Healthy Self-Care Routine

by Lily Niu

While our faces often take centre stage in our skincare routines, the rest of our body deserves some healthy pampering too. After all, skin is our largest organ, and neglecting its health can leave us feeling less than our best.

A balanced approach to skincare is the most healthy tactic

Remember, smooth and supple skin goes hand-in-hand with taking care of your whole body, not just through topical treatments, but also with a balanced diet and regular exercise that helps flush toxins – something we tend to forget can have a positive impact – and deliver essential nutrients.

Today, we’re diving into three luxurious body care products that are bound to elevate your self-care routine and more excitingly, address specific concerns!

1. Margaret Dabbs Firming Legs Serum:

For those who crave smoother, firmer legs, the Margaret Dabbs Firming Legs Serum is indeed a hero product. However, it’s important to manage expectations. This high-end body serum from the renowned podiatrist Margaret Dabbs isn’t a magic cure for overnight toning…Its true strength lies in intense hydration and improved skin elasticity.

It’s important to remember that cellulite affects all body types, even those who are naturally slender. This serum doesn’t claim to “slim” you or get rid of loose or wrinkled skin, but it does promote healthy blood circulation, which, in turn, improves the overall appearance of your legs. Naturally occurring ingredients like bitter ginger extract and argan oil further enhance the experience by promoting smoother legs and skin cell renewal.

Healthy body care heroes

As winter loosens its cold, dreary, grip and legs are revealed once again, the Firming Legs Serum does live up to its name. The skin on your legs will feel noticeably firmer and smoother. For truly toned legs, however, your best bet is still a good, regular, workout. There is no comparable substitute, sorry!

About Margaret Dabbs:

Margaret Dabbs is a leading podiatrist and foot care expert with a reputation for luxurious and effective foot and leg treatments. The brand extends its expertise beyond podiatry, offering a range of high-performance skincare products specifically formulated for legs.

2. helo PSO:

For those who experience dry, itchy, and scaly skin – particularly those prone to psoriasis flares – helo PSO offers a welcome relief. While it doesn’t explicitly claim to cure psoriasis, it’s formulated for “people who may be prone to psoriasis,” making it a valuable tool in managing flare-ups.

As someone with mild psoriasis that occasionally flares due to stress, I was eager to put this product to the test. During a particularly stressful period, I found myself battling angry, persistent patches on my legs and torso that refused to subside despite using generic body creams and aloe vera. Thankfully, while my stress levels eventually eased, helo PSO provided a much-needed boost. Within weeks of regular use, the patches had visibly reduced and ultimately vanished altogether.

It’s important to note that my experience with psoriasis hasn’t been severe enough to warrant specialist treatment. However, for those who experience occasional mild flare-ups and bothersome inflammation, helo PSO is a fantastic and easily accessible option.

About helo skincare:

helo skincare is a British brand dedicated to developing innovative and effective solutions for common skin concerns. Their products are formulated with natural and scientifically proven ingredients, and their focus on gentle yet effective care resonates with those seeking relief from mild skin conditions.

3. Athletia Beauty Smooth Body Milk (Gentle Rose):

While targeted, functional body care products are essential, pampering your skin shouldn’t be neglected. The Athletia Beauty Smooth Body Milk, a recently launched product, perfectly embodies this indulgence.

Available in “Gentle Rose” (the version I tested), this body milk goes beyond simply moisturizing – it elevates your mood with its delightful aroma. It’s the perfect post-bath treat, leaving your skin soft, plump, and beautifully hydrated.

About Athletia Beauty:

Athletia Beauty is a new line from the established activewear brand Athletia. Their focus extends beyond workout gear, offering luxurious body care products designed to nourish and uplift after exercise or simply as a moment of self-care.

Combine topical body care with healthy lifestyle habits

These are just a few luxurious options to elevate your body care routine. Remember, taking care of yourself, both inside and out, is an essential part of living a well-rounded and fulfilling life. So, go ahead, indulge your skin with these pampering products and experience the difference a luxurious self-care routine can make.


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