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Casa Corazon

by Katarina Polonsky

Though Ibiza is known for its extravagant 5 Star hotels and VIP super-clubs, there is another side to Ibiza. There is the real side. The side that makes Londoners, like myself, relocate there for a while under a romantic infatuation with the Island’s true heart and soul.

Casa Corazon marks the pinnacle of this Ibiza. A beautiful, rustic centuries-old family farmhouse, nestled in the heart of the rolling pine tree hills of the Ibicencan countryside, it promises you that home is where the heart is. And, it’s easy to see how your heart can find home here: I didn’t want to leave.

This house has been a lush, ultra-comfortable and bespoke home for Ibiza’s visitors for over ten years, when the dear owner Val transformed her old farmhouse she was living in into one of the first ‘home away from homes’ in the Ibicenco countryside. A loving soul with an eye for ensuring all of her guests’ needs are catered to, the house promises a philosophy of true TLC that the current owners have pledged to continue.There are eight unique bedrooms, 6 with en-suite bathrooms and two that share a new bathroom between them. There is a huge, Ibicenco country house kitchen. The spacious living room boasts a glorious roaring fire and huge communal table with giant crystals that sometimes come out for healing and aura cleanses. There is a library with a wide array of books – in most languages – ensuring your evenings can be both peaceful and cultured. Two fire-places control the central heating for the winters, whilst there is an abundance of fans and thick, white, Ibicenco walls to keep you cool in the Summers. The swimming pool has magnificent views of the pine-tree forests and hills (you can see Ibiza town from it, yonder through the hills). There is also a terrace rooftop for real sunbathing, a luscious hammock for lazy evenings, multiple terraces with secluded spots and plenty of space in the peace and quiet of the Ibicencan countryside. Oh and there are plenty of glorious running trails through the abundant forests for those that want some action.I arrived on a Wednesday afternoon and was greeted by the fabulous host Stefano who showed me to my room. I had the luxury master suite – a room that I fell in love with upon arrival. With beautiful white washed beamed ceilings, a rustic, wooden white floor, gorgeous and huge double bed with a plethora of soft and sumptuous white layers, I felt I had truly arrived. The theme is love, with beautiful intricate hearts embroidering the space, from the railings to the hanging wardrobe. With only one window to the room it is of course, perfectly cool in the summer yet warm in the winter, marking a true Ibicenco house. The ensuite bathroom was exquisite – a huge expanse with similar minimalist white interior, top-of-the-range bathroom facilities, an array of ultra-premium local Ibicenco toiletries, and all the facilities one needs for a comfortable stay. The window looked out onto the Ibicenco hills and was by default, open, ensuring a gentle peaceful breeze of Spring air ventilating the room.The Casa has the policy that, if one is to truly rest and retreat, there is to be no unecessary technology in the bedrooms, to ensure a proper restful nights sleep. I did manage to catch some wifi in my room at times, but the main wifi remained confined to the main living room area which features as a fantastic communal work space – silent and peaceful – with only the sounds of the birds and countryside outside. The end effect is a real retreat. I was there to work, so I spent my office-day typing away frantically in the living room, greeted only by the kind housekeepers and Stefano who ensured I was well fed and watered. After the work day, rest awaited me in my silent abode. Stefano promised the lack of technology in the room would render my dreams more vivid and my sleep deeper – and he was right. After two nights there I felt more rejuvenated and rested than I had the previous week in Ibiza where I had stayed in a more extensive hotel.

NB. Not to worry though for all of us that need the wifi: the entire property, including by the pool, the grounds and the communal areas, has excellent wifi!There is a large communal kitchen – one I was eager to exploit – that they hope to host cookery classes in soon. With endless supply of water and fruit for the guests, there is plenty of fridge space for use as well as a paid fridge should you want to buy food / meals whilst there without leaving the Casa. The housekeepers were excellent chefs so there is never a risk of going hungry, even as you reside far into the Ibicenco countryside.

There is however – to be noted – a little woodland footpath that takes you from the Casa to Santa Gertrudis, a beautiful local Ibicenco town – quite big – with all of the amenities you could wish for, including a couple of premium fine-dining restaurants, local eateries, cafes, shops and bars. Though you are deep into the country, civilisation and activities are easily accessible.

That evening, as much as I was tempted to lounge around in my cosy paradisiacal room, I went to dinner at Nagai Ibiza, their sister restaurant – created and owned by Casa Corazo’s current owners.The next morning after a deliciously restful night’s sleep (with indeed, extremely vivid dreams – thanks Stefano), I checked out the breakfast – served from 9am – 12pm. There was an abundance of fruit, fresh yogurts, a wide array of juices and milks –including freshly squeezed local orange juice. The bread was whole-grain and warm, whilst the pastries and croissants were freshly made that morning, with endless jams to enjoy too. The cereal and muesli was clearly of the wellbeing variety and there was also Spanish Jamon, cheese, and eggs for the more savoury breakfast. I feasted.

That day I spent lounging around the Casa, getting some work done before enjoying a home-made dinner with Stefano over some fresh Crianza Rioja and local Ibicenco boquerones (little fresh anchovies). We ate watching the sunset over the hills outside on their terrace by the pool, enjoying the sounds of the peaceful day winding down.

I was truly sad to leave the Casa: and I will be back soon.Luckily, the Casa is expanding. This year – indeed, this month – they are creating a large Yoga wellness space in their grounds where they shall be hosting yoga retreats. Indeed, the day before I arrived, they had hosted a ‘Find Your Voice’ wellness retreat with a well renowned life coach. They offer all sorts of authentic Ibicenco experiences, from horse-back riding, to hiking tours, meditations and spiritual escapes and of course, yoga. They also cater to gatherings and groups: the wonderful team and beautiful space render this truly a home away from home, where you can achieve whatever your heart desires.

Casa Corazon
Diseminado P 26 Sta Gertrudis, 98
07814 Santa Eulalia
Illes Balears, Spain


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