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House of Wow Ibiza: A Delightful Culinary Adventure

by Katarina Polonsky
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Part 1: The Intro to House Of WOW

If you are looking for an experience that will seriously wow all your senses while in Ibiza, look no further than The House of Wow, the brainchild of Dutch visionary Nelleke Strijkers, who continues her SPRMRKT fashion shop inside. Located in the village of Santa Gertrudis, a beautiful quaint little community right in the heart of the island, The House of Wow offers more than just culinary delights — it’s a destination where you can enjoy live DJ’s, fashion, networking (TedX after party in March, anyone?), and indulge your palate with delicious dishes and drinks. 

It is a surprisingly big expanse of a space, beautifully decorated to accommodate all sorts of events. Lush greenery, redolent of Tulum or a more tropical part of the world, greets you from the moment you step out of the car and only gets more impressive as you walk up the steps into the front lounge area.

Open year round, we went on a Saturday night in December, the quiet front belying the packed out dining area, with a dimly lit, inclusive clubhouse vibe. On hot Ibizan summer nights the herb garden at the back is transformed into a gorgeously lit hangout space, with large beds and tables available to share. I can see myself returning here in the summer and wiling away endless hours doing all sorts.

house of wow cocktails

Back in the elegant and romantic restaurant, we had the Mezcal Mule, a cocktail made with mezcal, ginger beer, lime, and nectar agave, that has a smoky and refreshing taste. My partner and I had the pleasure of sampling some of the House of Wow’s specialties, expertly crafted by Executive Chef and local Ibicenca, Cristina Dueñas Gledson, formerly of London’s Pied à Terre. We were not disappointed. 

house of wow oysters

Here are some of the highlights of our meal, a selection of treats chosen by our server:

  • Oysters – I love oysters and these were truly fantastic. Fresh and succulent, served with lime. A clean, refreshing, and delicate treat from the Mediterranean Sea. I appreciated that they weren’t trying to mask the oysters with too many garish toppings or flavours. Simple, clean, and wonderful to start the meal with.
  • Roasted garlic bread – Warm and crispy bread, topped with melted cheese and roasted garlic. It was decadent without being overbearing. A perfect starter to really whet our appetites.
  • Warm burrata, tomato pesto & homemade focaccia – Soft and creamy burrata, surrounded by pillows of tangy tomato pesto, paired with fluffy, buttery bread. A simple but satisfying dish that showcases the quality of the ingredients, which are locally sourced whenever possible at The House of Wow.

Part 2: The Main Event

With appetisers settling nicely in our tummies, it was time to indulge in the rest of our server’s recommendations. To pair with our food, we had a bottle of Aleanna, El Enemigo Chardonnay, a white wine from Mendoza, Argentina, that has a complex and elegant profile, with notes of citrus, honey, and vanilla. 

  • Fried buttermilk chicken – A mouthwatering combination of crispy, juicy chicken, fried to perfection and dressed with a sweet and spicy chilli lime sauce.
  • Sea bass – A fresh and flaky full fish, marinated and cooked in a tangy and aromatic pickle sauce. A dish that showcases the Balearic love for fruits del mar, with a balance of sweet, sour, and salty notes.
  • Grilled green asparagus – Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, drizzled with a rich and savoury amber sauce. A light side dish that compliments any main course, but worked extremely well with our steak.
  • Beef sirloin – A succulent and tender beef sirloin, from the Rubia Gallega breed, grilled to your liking and topped with a creamy and herbaceous Café París sauce. Accompanied by a smooth and buttery potato parmentier. A dish that will satisfy any meat lover.

Midway through eating, things really began to kick off, with music pumping through the speakers and the bar filling up with people ready to party.

Part 3: The Finale

Suitably stuffed, our delicious meal culminated with dessert, a caramelised torrija. A traditional Spanish dessert, made with bread soaked in milk and eggs, fried and caramelised. Served with a fragrant anise syrup, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A decadent and indulgent way to end our meal.

house of wow

By the time we had finished dessert and looked around, half the tables were empty, the diners transformed into dancing revellers. We joined the bar area, sipping our drinks, chatting with local winter residents, and soaking up the party atmosphere.

The House of Wow is certainly a place that lives up to its name and is highly recommended to anyone who wants to enjoy a memorable night in Ibiza. It’s not just a restaurant, but a culinary adventure that will delight your taste buds and satiate your desire to party.

House of WOW
Caretera de San Rafael a Santa Gertrudis
07814 Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera
Balearic Islands


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