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Interview with Ashford Campbell

by Emily Healey-Lynham

Currently staring in the smash hit show Dreamgirls we got to speak to Ashford Campbell about being a cover, performing at Wembley and what he might have done if had not have been a performer.1How did you get into acting, was there a particular performance you saw that resonated with you?

I’d always been mesmerised by performances. In particular Michael Jackson and the way he would stage and act his numbers like smooth criminal and remember the time. And his film Moonwalker really took me and I wanted to be like him.

What has been your favourite role you have played and why?

I would say CC White. I love his youth in the opening act and how his journey ages him not only physically but mentally and it’s fun to grow with him. Plus his songs are really fun

Where did you train?

I actually didn’t train. I’d always taken acting classes from being young then got involved in local amateur productions of musicals and plays. I did a year studying French and Spanish at university before pursuing performance

Can you tell us a bit about your current show Dreamgirls for people that may have not seen it?

It’s a vibrant, fun and charismatic show that follows a young group of friends and family who are chasing their hopes and dreams of Showbiz, with more than a few bumps on the way.What does it involve being a cover in a show for people that may not know?

Not only is it learning more than one part. It involves a lot of independent rehearsal and research. It’s exciting/nerve wrecking that at the drop of a hat you have to be ready to go on for another role without much notice. This could even be mid show!

Where has been your favourite place to perform on stage and why?

Wembley arena. I used to be in a boy band several years ago and we had the pleasure of doing an arena tour supporting another artist. Seeing all those people loving it and performing live was unbelievable

What is the most rewarding thing about your work?

No matter what’s going on personally as soon as you step onstage you get to be someone else and live in that moment. Also you never know who is watching and what it means to them. Without even realising you can brighten someone’s day or help someone through a hard time

What’s been a funny moment for you on stage?  Any mishaps you want to share!?

I tripped over myself just as I was about to go onstage which made me literally throw myself onto all fours in the corner of the stage. I had to be up in half a count!If you hadn’t have been an actor what would you be doing?

A translator/interpreter I think. Or a chef. I’ve always loved cooking

What do you like to do in your free time?

Read, play video games, cook, sing and write music

Who are your influences and inspirations?

Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, JoJo, Luther Vandross, Mariah Carey, to name a few

What’s your go to song for auditions or just singing in the shower?

Well for auditions it’s singing what I know suits my voice, my range etc. In the shower, anything goes!!

Is there a role (regardless of gender) you would love to play in a musical?

I’d love to play Jimmy Early. I think he’s a lot of fun plus he’s a soul man.

Where can people follow your work on Twitter/Facebook/YouTube etc

Twitter – @campbellashford

Instagram – @ashfordcampbell

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