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Review of the exciting Maslina Resort

by Yemi Edwards

The summer holidays are just around the corner. If you are like me and have young adults who have finished their exams, finding a place to unwind will be high on your list. Croatia is the ideal destination to stay in as a family yet still enjoy the benefit of individual experiences. Maslina Resort, located on Maslanic Bay, is near Stari Grad on Hvar, one of Croatia’s many stunning islands in the Adriatic Sea. From Split, there is regular service via ferry to Hvar. But the resort provides a unique travel experience. Think Bond, James Bond! Maslina guests can enjoy a glass of bubbly on board the resort-owned speedboat to Hvar, followed by a private transfer directly to Maslina Resort.

So what makes Maslina Resort so special? Maslina Resort is a luxurious and contemporary destination nestled into the pines along the coastline. Built with “nature” and “nurturing at the forefront of design, the architecture incorporates itself within the surrounding landscape. The resort boasts three gorgeous villas, a boutique 50-room hotel and a luxurious wellness centre. Though it may sound like a large area staying at the resort feels very intimate. I found it a place to get lost in peace and harmony.

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Villa Uvala, Borovina and Litica are luxury villas which are 300-500m(2) and have sea-view terraces. The 3 villas are packed with the most lavish amenities, including a private pool, highly decorated open-plan living and dining rooms and can house up to 8-10 guests. Guests can make arrangements for a private chef. The children are also made to feel included with personalised activity books to enjoy during their stay. The villas in the resort are made to feel like a home away from home!

Within the hotel and suites, you will automatically feel a sense of peace when you approach the hotel with the sound of the waterfall feature situated at the steps to reception. The interior of the 5-star hotel consists of locally sourced materials. Including the reception desk! The desk is a 12-ton rock from the island of Brac. The rock was placed first, so the hotel was built around it! All bedrooms are a sea view.  The beds are strategically placed to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Adriatic when you wake up. There is also access to connecting rooms. There are 8 suites on the grounds of Maslina Resort. The Garden, two Pool suites, 2 Family suites the Panoramic suite and the Bay suite. All suites can accommodate 2 adults. The family suites, 2 and 3-bedroomed, can accommodate 4 and 6 guests.

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Back to the ground floor of this lavish hotel space, the decor of terracotta and brass gives a warm welcoming ambience. The hallways house art and there is a library where guests of all ages can meet to liaise with other guests in planned activities or find an extensive selection of must-reads. There is also a bar with seating inside and poolside, and a restaurant serving French and Mediterranean cuisine. Maslina has a garden that supplies the kitchen and bar with organic ingredients. Guests can pretty much dine all day choosing al carte or beach bar dishes. Maslina is very inclusive when it comes to their younger guests. There is a special contemporary kids menu catering to their palates and giving them their own unique dining experience.

Speaking of which, Maslina Resort has a particular designated area for younger children. In this family-oriented space, kids can find age-appropriate activities, a relaxation area with elements and even a climbing wall. The area is supervised by qualified personnel. the playroom is an extension of the restaurants. This would be ideal for families who desire time dining, knowing their children are only a few feet away and are in good hands. For young adults, there is a chic pool area with access to food. If yours are like mine, giving them that little independence goes a long way.  There are activities available for young adults, you can ask reception for a timetable or use the Maslina app to find suitable interest for everyone in the family.

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Between the hotel and the villas, you will find the sanctuary of the Pharomatiq Wellness Centre. There is access to a state-of-the-art fitness area and both indoor and outdoor areas for relaxation and well-being. There are an array of holistic and therapeutic experiences for the whole family including massages, yoga and sound healing out in the secluded garden. While in the garden you can hear the soft waves of the sea. This along with the soothing instructions from the instructor, gives a very zen environment. The centre also has aqua thermal experiences including a pool. There is also a hair salon and after your treatment, you can enjoy a cup of tea made with fresh herbs picked from the gardens of Maslina. We were told that Maslina Resort is in the process of opening its private beach about a 5 min walk from the main site. The area will include a tent area for entertainment. There will be food and drink available and this area will be exclusive to Maslina Resort guests.

There is lots to do outside of the hotel including Stari Grad, which is located 30 mins walk from Maslina Resort. The coastal town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. While installing a new water pipe system recently,an Ancient Greek road system and ruins were discovered and plans were stopped to preserve the findings. So while your family visiting this truly old town, you will be walking in history. It is a truly spectacular scene for those who are interested in Archeology. Through the small cobbled streets and alleyways, you will find numerous places to dine and eat and view the beautiful boats docked. You can borrow Maslina Resorts’ wooden bikes and take a ride down to this beautiful area. The route is along the coastline and is said to be very picturesque.

If you and your family are history buffs, Hvar gives you a lot to learn. 15 mins drive from maslina resort the city, inhabited since around 380bc, is known for having the largest amount of its residents in the tourism industry. Hvar is full of life. While in Hvar I recommend booking a tour and learning all about this city full of rich culture. If you decide to explore on your own, start your day at Fortica Fortress and walk your way down slowly and take in the panoramic views. When you reach the bottom, you will find a nunnery that is still open to this day. Visit the cathedral of St. Stephen in the square. There are many shops and eateries down the little alleyways.

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Maslina means Olives. Hvar land is covered in olive groves and lavender bushes. Maslina Resort incorporates these into its food, decor and aromas within each site on the resort. Maslina Resort is a very family-friendly escape with a lot of activities and experiences for all ages. The resort staff are very welcoming and will make you feel at home.

Maslina Resort
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