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Mezcla Restaurant & Bar

by Katarina Polonsky

For a chilled out, luxe experience filled with European deliciousness, good drinks, and warm ambience in Medellin, look no further than Mezcla. This small but brilliant restaurant, located in the premium El Poblado neighbourhood, was founded by two French men from Paris a few years back with a view to bring European delicacies to Colombia. Bringing only the best quality ingredients to a short and focused menu, serving premium cocktails, and hosting local music and cultural events, Mezcla delivers an intimate but exciting experience that’s oddly addictive. After one evening here soaking up its vibrant energy and dining on its delicious food, we knew we’d return. It’s the sort of place expats are drawn to, locals grow to love, and friendships from around the world are found. Quite literally the home away from home for French founder Pierre, Mezcla is a brunch spot, cafe to work from, lunch hub, and dinner date venue. After seeing the place bursting at the seams with happy diners one Friday night, we felt inspired to visit for dinner on a warm Saturday evening.

Mezcla sits below a vibrant co-living space, founded by the same founders. Having decided they were ready to leave their corporate jobs behind in Paris, they sought a new life and adventure abroad. Arriving four years ago, they had a vision of opening a hostel in Medellin, the city of eternal Spring. But even then, hostels had already become pretty common. With its tropical beauty, warm climate, and growing industry, Medellin has increasingly become a digital nomad centre. Yet whilst hostels were already a norm, the founders discovered that coliving spaces were still a relatively new concept. Armed with some market research behind them, the founders decided to open their own co-living space after buying a house in El Poblado. The house had come with a  garage, which before too long, they’d decided to convert into a small restaurant. The vision back then was to have a simple space for guests to check-in and grab a bite. Given the founders’ French heritage, crepes felt like a fitting theme for the menu. As they transformed into chefs overnight and began to serve, Mezcla was born.

A few years later, the menu remains elegantly simple yet sophisticated. Crepes are a prominent feature, with sweet and savoury options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pasta has made an entrance too, offering a more robust meal option for those who are truly hungry. For drinks, cocktails hold centre stage, though some Colombian local spirits also feature, as does sangria and some wine and beer options. Talking to the founder, we learned that one of the challenges of opening a restaurant in Medellin was sourcing high quality ingredients. Whilst fruit and vegetables abound, finding premium meat and dairy products, like the cheese France is so known for, seemed virtually impossible at the start. But slowly and surely the founders managed to source trusty local suppliers who import and produce deli quality goods, and so Mezcla is able to deliver.


Sitting outside on a warm Saturday evening, we occupied the comfortable lounge chair and low table in the corner of the patio. Some dining chair options remained though were soon filled up after we arrived. Greeted by Mezcla’s lovely staff, we ordered a sangria for my partner, which came with fresh Lychees, and a Gin and Tonic for me. Pierre, one of the founders, made recommendations for the food. He suggested the La Parisiana crepe, which came with Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Mushrooms and Caramelized Onions. He also recommended a pasta dish, the Al Pesto, which came with Chicken, Dried Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Olives, Parmesan Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes and Pesto. Trying to eat less meat yet also recognizing that we couldn’t resist the Parisian crepes, we opted for the pescatarian option with the Marina pasta. This came with Artisanal Fresh Pasta, Smoked Salmon, Red Onion, Spinach, Parmesan Cheese and Almonds. The crepes were fantastic, made with  bulgur wheat style batter so that they were slightly crispy and nutty in flavour, and pleasantly filling. Served in a diamond shape and with a fried egg in the middle, they made a surprisingly hearty meal. Quite unlike any savoury crepe I’d tried before, Pierre was right in insisting we try it – they were delicious. The pasta though, was my favourite.  A large, steaming bowl of fresh and slightly al dente pasta, it came out oozing with sauce, wilted spinach, and swirls of smoked salmon. Garlicky and flavoursome, it hit the spot. For dessert, and after a couple more sangrias and gin and tonics, Pierre suggested we try two of Mezcla’s most esteemed options. One was the decadent French speciality of Creme Brulee, and the other was a Fondant au Chocolate – Chef’s speciality of Homemade Fondant served with Vanilla Ice Cream and Whipped Cream. Both were stunning, the Fondant melted to perfection on the inside yet light and fluffy on the outside, whilst the Creme Brulee gave us the caramel notes we longed for. Exceptional desserts and a brilliant way to round off a wonderful evening.

Creme brulee

Mezcla’s next plans are to open another co-living place and branch, somewhere else in Medellin. Though the founders are already setting their sights onto Europe. Perhaps Madrid, or perhaps somewhere else in Spain, one thing’s for sure – Mezcla’s got the recipe right and will be gaining more and more followers for sure. We’re already two of them!

Mezcla Restaurant & Bar
El Poblado

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