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Secret Theatre

by Sara Darling

Heading to The Townhouse Hotel in Bethnal Green on a damp and dreary week night, I did not expect to be reeled into be part of the performance on #TrialTV!

The murder-mystery experience from Secret Theatre is an immersive freak show, set in the future, where the audience gets involved from the outset, and have to decide the fate of the straight-jacket clad, and recently released accused killer, Lassiter.

After fully engaging in the scene of the crime, and trying to work out whether members of the assembled mele are actors, and who are spectators just like you, the mystery deepens.

The question (fuelled by the well stocked bar), is whether Hannibal Lecter lookie likey, Lassiter, actually committed the triple murder which occurred in his hotel room on the night of his release…

With a reconstructed hotel suite, complete with bloodied sheets, claret soaked bath and ‘do not cross the line’ police tape, the evidence is there to be dissected, as you are invited to don your best forensic scientist hat!The scenario is held together by the game show host RIP Love, who has an ego bigger than his hair, as he thrives on amusing himself by playing games with the audience. But does he, or does he not know the verdict?

The excitable (I speak for myself) jury is then led to the convenient courtroom, which the hotel houses to participate in the cross examination. Although scripted, it seems spontaneous, and it made me itchy to get my Defence Lawyer wig on and ask some questions too!

Of course, there were curve balls, and unseen evidence, which add to the authenticity, and give the already confusing situation even more spice! After the bombardment from both lawyers and larger than life personalities, you cannot help but be immersed. But the fate of the accused is up to you; And when RIP Love bursts back on to the screen, and we are all invited to raise our hands to signal guilty or not guilty….but it doesn’t finish there.I won’t spoil the ending, but this is definitely the future of entertainment! Charlie Brooker would be proud!

Peter Picton – Dr Clarence Lassiter
Ged Forrest – DCI Benson
Monty Jones – RIP Love (Presenter)
Nicholas McBride – Rupert Grove (Defence)
Patrizia Petrassi – Susan Lloyd (Prosecution)
Rekha John-Cheriyan  – Judge Jones
Harry Oram – Patrick Sanderson
Jessica Alonso –  Melissa Nelson
Lisa Moorish – Glenda Evans
Tracy Bargate – Eva Martin
Directed by Richard Crawford
Written and Assisted Direction by Tom Syms

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