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Stunning London Views: A Night at Sabine Rooftop Bar

by Lily Niu

London boasts many rooftop bars, each vying for the title of “capital’s most scenic.” While established favourites like Madison Terrace and Boundary Rooftop hold sway with their stunning panoramas, Sabine Rooftop Bar, perched atop the Leonardo Royal Hotel London St Paul’s, offers a compelling alternative.

A stunning haven above the bustle

The London scene has witnessed a shift in recent years. Hotel restaurants and bars are shedding their transient reputations and emerging as destinations in their own right. Sabine exemplifies this trend.

While the indoor space at Sabine ensures a comfortable refuge during London’s frequent downpours, the real magic unfolds on the stunning rooftop terrace. Here, the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral takes centre stage, its grandeur adding a touch of historic charm to the contemporary ambience.

Floor-to-ceiling windows offer unobstructed panoramic views across the city, allowing you to take in the sprawling cityscape from a unique vantage point. As the sun dips below the horizon, the city lights begin to twinkle, creating a truly stunning spectacle.

Unlike some rooftop hotspots overflowing with selfie-seeking crowds, Sabine exudes a more relaxed vibe. The clientele is stylish yet approachable. You won’t feel out of place slipping in after a day of exploring the city, even in casual attire.

Foodie delights on high

Sabine’s menu leans towards a modern European aesthetic, with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients, all presented playfully.

For the comfort food connoisseur, the mac n cheese bon bons with truffle mayo are a must-try. Imagine bite-sized parcels of creamy macaroni and cheese, perfectly golden brown and bursting with cheesy goodness. These delightful bites are complemented by the rich, earthy truffle mayo.

Seafood lovers will delight in the Galician-style octopus, a flavourful and tender dish showcasing the best of the ocean. Cooked to succulent perfection, the octopus is served with a touch of paprika and a hint of lemon, creating a nice combination of flavours on your palate.

For a more substantial main course, the lamb neck fillet stands out. Slow-cooked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection, it is proof of good culinary technique. The rich, flavourful meat falls nicely off the bone, and each bite is a real treat. Paired with a side of roasted root vegetables and a touch of rosemary jus, this dish puts seasonal ingredients on the pedestal.

And no meal is complete without a proper side of veggies, so be sure to order a standalone selection of their seasonal offerings. Imagine perfectly charred asparagus, tossed with a touch of olive oil and lemon, or roasted cauliflower florets bursting with a smokey flavour.

To round off the evening on a sweet note, the salted caramel chocolate tart is a dream. The rich chocolate filling works perfectly with the sea salt caramel, creating a delightful juxtaposition of sweet and salty flavours. The buttery pastry base provides the perfect textural contrast, making this dessert a true winner.

For those seeking a lighter option, the seasonal fruit salad with honey and lavender dressing offers a refreshing alternative.

Liquid delights

The cocktail menu at Sabine caters to both classic and adventurous palates. The refreshing margarita, a timeless crowd-pleaser, is expertly crafted with top-shelf tequila, fresh lime juice, and a touch of agave nectar. The perfect balance of sweet, sour, and salty makes it a guaranteed thirst quencher.

For anyone seeking a touch of theatricality, the pornstar martini is a playful choice. Presented with a shot of Mionetto Prosecco on the side, you get to orchestrate the grand finale by pouring it yourself, adding an element of fun and surprise to the experience. 

Sabine doesn’t forget the non-drinkers, offering a well-rounded selection of mocktails. The “Cherry Bomb,” a concoction of cherry juice, lime, and soda, is a perfect example, providing a fun and uplifting choice. Infused with fresh herbs like mint or rosemary, these mocktails are as visually appealing as they are delicious.

A night to remember

Sabine Rooftop Bar offers more than just stunning city views. It’s a vibrant and inviting space where you can indulge in delicious food and creative cocktails.

Sabine Rooftop Bar
10 Godliman Street
United Kingdom


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